05/21/06 14:45:21 05/21/06 18:56:15 Yoomann: hello all
05/21/06 18:56:26 randycorb61: hey hey
05/21/06 18:56:28 twocents: hello
05/21/06 18:56:42 Chris34: hello
05/21/06 18:57:00 Yoomann: Hello Ale - I am glad you are here
05/21/06 18:57:39 Yoomann: I would to think everyone for showing up for the Sunday Nite Chat. This will be my first experience of hosting the chat and I am more nervous about that than the questions that I might get. I am not totally familiar with the "?" indicator but we will try to utilize it. I would to think everyone for showing up for the Sunday Nite Chat. This will be my first experience of hosting the chat and I am more nervous about that than the questions that I might get. I am not totally familiar with the "?" indicator but we will try to utilize it.
05/21/06 18:58:04 randycorb61: cool
05/21/06 18:58:23 Yoomann: I didn't mean to paste it twice - u bet I'm nervous
05/21/06 18:58:28 randycorb61: lol
05/21/06 18:58:42 Yoomann: Would anyone like the first question?
05/21/06 18:58:51 randycorb61: sure
05/21/06 18:58:52 twocents: sure
05/21/06 18:58:56 kmlaguzzi: sure
05/21/06 18:59:02 Yoomann: go for it 2cents
05/21/06 18:59:37 twocents: gonna pass on it
05/21/06 18:59:43 randycorb61: me too
05/21/06 18:59:45 Yoomann: ok randy
05/21/06 18:59:55 twocents: someone had a question about lambics earlier
05/21/06 19:00:01 kmlaguzzi: that was me
05/21/06 19:00:11 randycorb61: ill pass for now
05/21/06 19:00:16 twocents: ok kml, my memory is not what it was..
05/21/06 19:00:26 randycorb61: hi cj
05/21/06 19:00:34 cj_in_j: Howdy!
05/21/06 19:00:36 twocents: ok, have you ever heard about contamination from a gas in line in kegging?
05/21/06 19:00:38 twocents: hiya cj
05/21/06 19:01:04 cj_in_j: 2c -- Hi. And, I have heard of that from a brewpub operator.
05/21/06 19:01:12 Yoomann: Hi CJ - glad you could come in
05/21/06 19:01:21 cj_in_j: No problem.
05/21/06 19:01:48 twocents: are these chats still going to be transcripted?
05/21/06 19:01:59 cj_in_j: Are we going to do this formally, with the "?" thing? Or just an informal shootout? :D
05/21/06 19:02:05 Yoomann: I personally haven't heard of that - would seem extremely difficult to detect
05/21/06 19:02:09 Jimvy: Jess, it's 701pm, so maybe an introduction and you can tell us about the plans for the stores and such before we open it up to the floor??
05/21/06 19:02:47 Yoomann: we will be using the "?" technique
05/21/06 19:02:51 cj_in_j: 2c -- I think kroyster is still getting the transcripts.
05/21/06 19:03:01 randycorb61: also I think the web store should be more user friendly
05/21/06 19:03:03 twocents: it can happen, I think it happened to me
05/21/06 19:03:37 Yoomann: Am I an hour early?
05/21/06 19:03:50 Jimvy: sorry...I'm on central
05/21/06 19:03:50 randycorb61: 803 pm here
05/21/06 19:03:56 Jimvy: we're right on time
05/21/06 19:04:19 Yoomann: I am planning to keep the site basically the same as they are
05/21/06 19:05:23 Jimvy: ?
05/21/06 19:05:25 Yoomann: I trying to make the coding and the pricing the same on both sites
05/21/06 19:05:35 Yoomann: yes Jimvy
05/21/06 19:05:40 cj_in_j: Jess -- Does that mean they will be separate with different things on each site? Or will they eventually be kind of mirrors of each other.
05/21/06 19:06:12 Jimvy: Can you give us an estimate of the timeline for getting the sites lined up? And in followup, how should folks ordering proceed in the meantime?
05/21/06 19:06:47 scubaj: Jess - In one of the posts you mention that both of the web sites have very hi ranking on the search engines. I was thinking about that abit and I think there is a work around that you could implement. Basically it would be a redirect to the orhter site.
05/21/06 19:06:52 Yoomann: a mirror only to extent that all the products on one site will be on the other but the shopping carts will remain intact so the the general feel of both sites will remain as they have been
05/21/06 19:07:25 scubaj: That way you only have to manage one instance of a site. You keep the meta tag information for both sites and that should keep the rankings up where they currently are.
05/21/06 19:07:52 Yoomann: Jimvy, I am now training a couple members of our staff to assist in this regard - I would like to get everything complete by the end of June - realistically
05/21/06 19:08:20 Yoomann: I wish it would be sooner but daily business routines are very demanding
05/21/06 19:08:24 cj_in_j: Let me break in here a minute -- let's try to keep this orderly. If you have a question or comment for Jess, please type ? and wait for him to "call on" you. :)
05/21/06 19:08:35 scubaj: sorry ;)
05/21/06 19:09:02 Jimvy: thanks Jess
05/21/06 19:09:11 cj_in_j: ?
05/21/06 19:09:15 Yoomann: scuba - great idea - I was thinking of that the other day but forgot it before it could be implemented
05/21/06 19:09:54 scubaj: ?
05/21/06 19:10:27 Yoomann: I haven't figured out the mega tag rankings on the HBA site. The miva shopping cart pulls that info together to forma a page.
05/21/06 19:10:53 Yoomann: that's CJ
05/21/06 19:11:11 cj_in_j: Let me explain a bit about the "mirror" comment. It seems that most people are upset when they find something on one site that's not on the other, so they feel that they need to send in two orders. I like the concept of keeping two shopping carts, but having all products listed on all sites would make things easier -- I guess that's what I'm saying.
05/21/06 19:11:13 Yoomann: that's = thanks
05/21/06 19:11:44 Yoomann: I type too fast and leave letters out
05/21/06 19:12:24 cj_in_j: No problem. Sorry, I thought you were calling on me so I sent my question.
05/21/06 19:12:28 Yoomann: That is true and I am trying to find those things and correcting them
05/21/06 19:13:17 scubaj: ?
05/21/06 19:13:30 HumDum: yoomann, i have the same typing problem as you. i usually just go all lower case, nobody will slam you for it.
05/21/06 19:13:38 Yoomann: Hightest mentions some things the other day about Minijet Pads - it took about 15 minutes to load the missing pads on the HBA site but it took 2 hours to write a note in the thread
05/21/06 19:14:08 Yoomann: cool - scuba ?
05/21/06 19:14:25 twocents: evening old
05/21/06 19:14:49 Yoomann: ? scuba
05/21/06 19:14:53 scubaj: well, basically, I have a comment and a question
05/21/06 19:15:36 scubaj: comment - if you wish to explore/discuss redirecting a site -I'll be more than happy to chat about that, but I don't want to clog up this time with you to discuss technical items..
05/21/06 19:16:10 scubaj: question - as with the HBA site, the recipies are aviliable for the kits, will this happen for the kits within ebrew?
05/21/06 19:16:15 Yoomann: great - send me a PM so I can contact you
05/21/06 19:17:50 Yoomann: YES - in fact, I am thinking of pulling the HBA recipes into mine which I call BREWMASTERS SELECT - they will be offer on both sites and we will have over 150 recipes available
05/21/06 19:17:59 Yoomann: end for now
05/21/06 19:18:08 Yoomann: not end
05/21/06 19:18:29 Yoomann: there will be PDF's of the ingredients on both sites
05/21/06 19:18:34 Yoomann: end
05/21/06 19:18:37 scubaj: great :)
05/21/06 19:18:46 Blizzbrews: very cool
05/21/06 19:19:53 bullabrew: ?
05/21/06 19:20:18 Yoomann: I have a store that is over 3000 sq ft in retail and another 4000 behind the walls - I plan on having the HBA stock in the retail area very soon
05/21/06 19:20:27 Yoomann: Yes bullabrew
05/21/06 19:21:09 Yoomann: HBA stock = HBA recipes stocked
05/21/06 19:21:10 bullabrew: a couple comments/feedback... there are a couple things that I really like about one of your competitors that I would like to see offered: 1) grains sold in 1 ounce increments 2) free shipping. I realize that free shipping has to be factored
05/21/06 19:21:44 Yoomann: I offer malt in ounces on the AB site.
05/21/06 19:21:56 bullabrew: into the overall proces. But it can be structured so that it provides some discount for larger purchases. I know it encourages me to place larger orders at once.
05/21/06 19:22:37 Yoomann: It is much harder to do ounce incrementation in Miva shopping cart configuration. SO I could use some help figuring that one out
05/21/06 19:22:41 Yoomann: end
05/21/06 19:22:46 Yoomann: not end
05/21/06 19:23:35 bullabrew: I didn't realize that about alt bev... you can count me among those that prefer the HBA website look and feel
05/21/06 19:24:27 Yoomann: FREE shipping - just as FREE cracked grain cost someone. I would have to charge enough for a product to ship across country or next door - If the prices are too low, I might get hurt by free shipping just as B3 has - END
05/21/06 19:24:37 Mainelybrew: Bulla's quote +1
05/21/06 19:24:38 scubaj: ?
05/21/06 19:25:20 Yoomann: YES Scuba
05/21/06 19:25:51 scubaj: HBA has a 10% discount (which is a pay for), does ebrew honor this on that site as well and will that discount be going away as they expire?
05/21/06 19:26:03 Yoomann: I had never visited the HBA site prior - but I must admit it has a nice feel
05/21/06 19:27:38 Chris34: ?
05/21/06 19:28:05 Yoomann: We do honor it, we are still accepting new members and we will be honoring the membership on both sites - while the member codes may not work as they did in the past and considering that we might miss a "member" in the comment area sometime - just contact if we miss it and we make it right.
05/21/06 19:29:00 Yoomann: We are looking to upgrade our software to track memberships - currently it is an honor system and I feel like it is working
05/21/06 19:29:01 Yoomann: end
05/21/06 19:29:16 Yoomann: yes chis34
05/21/06 19:29:50 Chris34: Jess- Do you all curently have a catalog that you mail out?
05/21/06 19:30:26 Spectre: doh
05/21/06 19:31:11 Yoomann: Chris - I have been asked that question for the last 2 years - while I don't have one - I think that a catalog is exactly what I need right now
05/21/06 19:31:38 Yoomann: doh ? (what does that mean)
05/21/06 19:32:17 Chris34: I have to agree with you 100%. I'm not sure about the rest here but for me it alot easier to have while placing orders
05/21/06 19:32:37 Chris34: end
05/21/06 19:32:54 cj_in_j: ?
05/21/06 19:33:00 Yoomann: Yes CJ
05/21/06 19:33:10 cj_in_j: I realize that you are busy as hell and can't spend hours on BrewBoard. But, several people mentioned having someone at AB check in a couple times a day. That seems a lot more efficient than handling calls and/or emails (which sometimes don't reach you) one by one.
05/21/06 19:33:29 cj_in_j: What do you think?
05/21/06 19:34:46 Yoomann: You are correct - but if I have to have monitor the every forum, that can be very time consuming. IDEA - start a new forum "AB/HBA"
05/21/06 19:35:00 MtnBrewer: ?
05/21/06 19:35:16 scubaj: ?
05/21/06 19:35:30 cj_in_j: Isn't it possible to have someone else (who's not quite as busy), like maybe phalanxausage, monitor things instead of you?
05/21/06 19:35:46 Yoomann: It would be a place that I could post notices and members could post questions, suggestions and problems - what do you think
05/21/06 19:35:57 Yoomann: end
05/21/06 19:36:01 jaa: did anyone go to the brewmasters open in alpharetta, GA?
05/21/06 19:36:19 cj_in_j: Jess, that might work -- definitely would help with communication!
05/21/06 19:36:21 Yoomann: Yes MtnBrewer
05/21/06 19:36:22 MtnBrewer: nevermind...i was going to suggest a forum for questions to ab/hba but I see you already did it
05/21/06 19:36:44 MtnBrewer: hard to keep up with the chat while i'm brewing
05/21/06 19:37:19 Yoomann: Jason would be a good possibility, he has the knownledge - I will consider that - thanks
05/21/06 19:37:37 Yoomann: What you brewing?
05/21/06 19:37:42 cj_in_j: And he knows BrewBoard well.
05/21/06 19:38:05 Yoomann: Yes Scuba
05/21/06 19:38:17 MtnBrewer: tripel
05/21/06 19:38:35 Yoomann: one of my favorites - all grain?
05/21/06 19:39:01 jaa: *belch*
05/21/06 19:39:05 scubaj: Back to a question that was asked earlier. There are several other On-Line retailers that offer "Free" shipping if a certain amount of stuff is purchased. Is that something that ebrew is will to look at?
05/21/06 19:39:22 scubaj: will = willing...
05/21/06 19:41:05 Yoomann: I am willing to look at anything - I have found that dropping my margins a little increases business dramatically at times - I will consider it, but I'll need to see what the competition is doing - send me some examples -END
05/21/06 19:41:19 straightjacket: ?
05/21/06 19:41:26 MtnBrewer: yes, all grain...sorry for the delay, I had to dump my sparge water in
05/21/06 19:41:33 Yoomann: YES straightjacket
05/21/06 19:41:53 Yoomann: that's cool MtnBrewer
05/21/06 19:42:01 Mainelybrew: ?
05/21/06 19:42:07 straightjacket: I sent you an email concerning t-shirts for this year's NHBC...there is also a pinned thread about this...did you get my email?
05/21/06 19:43:35 Yoomann: I would like to do the T-shirts - I meant to respond - have you got some the design ideas?
05/21/06 19:44:03 twocents: just so long as you have 2 x
05/21/06 19:44:34 straightjacket: i did some simple photoshops using the background images posted on your site...you can see what I did here....http://www.brewboard.com/index.php?showtopic=52302&st=45
05/21/06 19:44:39 Blizzbrews: ditto to the 2xl
05/21/06 19:44:43 Yoomann: good nite 2cents
05/21/06 19:45:00 twocents: nithe yoo
05/21/06 19:45:05 straightjacket: several of the guys going to NHBC this year are interested in the shirts, but I didn't want to do anything before I had permission
05/21/06 19:45:07 twocents: am I leaving?
05/21/06 19:45:38 BobH: bye bye twocents
05/21/06 19:46:06 Yoomann: We will get something done Monday - call me at 800.365.2739 END
05/21/06 19:46:18 Mainelybrew: I joined the chat kinda late...but is there going to be a consolidation of websites between the two companies..? Just wondering... *keep it green* :)
05/21/06 19:46:19 straightjacket: i'll do that....thanks
05/21/06 19:46:40 twocents: size 2 x
05/21/06 19:47:16 straightjacket: watch the NHBC 2006 thread that is pinned in the beer section for further details on the shirts.
05/21/06 19:47:19 Yoomann: No consolidation - just a continual expansion of both with same coding - same pricing - but different shopping carts - different feels
05/21/06 19:47:30 Mainelybrew: Thanks
05/21/06 19:47:58 Yoomann: It is GOOD to be GREEN
05/21/06 19:48:17 HumDum: AMEN!
05/21/06 19:48:44 Yoomann: does anyone want to change anything on the BB?
05/21/06 19:49:01 twocents: I like it as it is
05/21/06 19:49:03 BobH: Oh god no
05/21/06 19:49:07 cj_in_j: Fire HumDum!!!!
05/21/06 19:49:13 cj_in_j: lol lol
05/21/06 19:49:26 twocents: awww
05/21/06 19:49:30 Yoomann: Could we consider adding some additional forums ?
05/21/06 19:49:43 HumDum: ?
05/21/06 19:49:45 cj_in_j: Jess, my feeling on that is . . . no.
05/21/06 19:49:50 twocents: what could we possibly cover that we haven't already?
05/21/06 19:50:08 cj_in_j: Take a look at MoreBeer to see an extreme example of forum fragmentation.
05/21/06 19:50:27 bullabrew: I don't see any reason to break the forums into more categories
05/21/06 19:50:33 Yoomann: That is why I asked that question
05/21/06 19:50:37 twocents: agree. more forums, less continuity.
05/21/06 19:50:42 twocents: more work moving threads around
05/21/06 19:50:46 twocents: bad idea imo
05/21/06 19:50:55 Blizzbrews: I like that Northern Brewer has a forum just for kegging and draft systems. Easy to get info on that subject.
05/21/06 19:50:58 Yoomann: I knew I would get some quick and honest answers
05/21/06 19:51:04 twocents: but ok to put it out for consideration
05/21/06 19:51:07 cj_in_j: The only one that MIGHT be useful is a cooking with beer/wine forum -- that's been mentioned a few times.
05/21/06 19:51:07 Kunsan90: More forums, more mods, ... NO!
05/21/06 19:51:48 cj_in_j: What's wrong with Mods?!?!? :p
05/21/06 19:51:58 Kunsan90: ???
05/21/06 19:52:01 Blizzbrews: but it seems the consensus is no more categories
05/21/06 19:52:06 Yoomann: YEs Kunsan90
05/21/06 19:52:25 Kunsan90: Just answering CJ, sorry.
05/21/06 19:52:39 Yoomann: NO MORE FORUMS - except the AB/HBA ? ok?
05/21/06 19:52:46 Kunsan90: Yes!
05/21/06 19:52:54 Mainelybrew: I like the fact that there is less forums...tis why I am a follower
05/21/06 19:52:58 HumDum: Yooman, this question was posed amongst the mods a few months ago and the consensus was we were at a good level for the # of forums as it stands now. I concur with CJ.
05/21/06 19:53:00 cj_in_j: The support forum is an interesting idea, for sure.
05/21/06 19:53:20 cj_in_j: But only if it doesn't become a bitch-fest.
05/21/06 19:53:51 Kunsan90: That hasn
05/21/06 19:53:52 HumDum: However CJ a bitch-fest might helo alleviate a big problem
05/21/06 19:54:15 Yoomann: ok - I am in total agreement on that CJ - We can give it a try an if it doesn't work we can just absorb it into the SYSTEMS forum
05/21/06 19:55:14 twocents: are you forum, or against em?
05/21/06 19:55:32 cj_in_j: Complaints should be okay, of course suggestions, comments, special requests -- but the key to the AB/HBA Support forum is to have regular participation from AB personnel (and like i said before, that doens't only have to be you).
05/21/06 19:55:45 Yoomann: I'm on the fense
05/21/06 19:56:01 cj_in_j: HumDum -- What do you mean it can alleviate a big problem?
05/21/06 19:56:07 MtnBrewer: i agree wtih the no more forums consensus but I also agree with CJ that a support forum could be very useful.
05/21/06 19:57:08 Mainelybrew: If you spread the forums...you spread the knowledge too thin. I like the fact I can ask a complicated automotive question on 1 forum...and what temp to mash on the other forum...no need to complicate things...:/
05/21/06 19:57:39 cj_in_j: Jess -- The problems with folding the support idea into the System News forum are (1) that only mods can start topics in the System News forum, and (2)....
05/21/06 19:57:45 HumDum: CJ, it might bring attention to a potential or existing problem. I don't advocate a bitch fest, I too think a support forum would be the bomb.
05/21/06 19:57:59 Yoomann: I think the mods are doing a great job and I will back their decisions
05/21/06 19:58:06 cj_in_j: ... that any topic posted there appears at the top of the main forum page under "latest news" or something like that.
05/21/06 19:58:22 Kunsan90: ?
05/21/06 19:58:48 cj_in_j: HumDum -- then we're on the same page! :D
05/21/06 19:59:09 MtnBrewer: jess, we can create the forum but CJ is right that to make it work, somebody on the staff is going to have to monitor it. Whether that is you or Jason or whomever is your decision
05/21/06 20:00:01 Yoomann: I agree and someone - probably Jason - could monitor one support forum better that searching as I do to find things
05/21/06 20:00:15 Yoomann: ? from Kunsan90
05/21/06 20:00:17 cj_in_j: And that staff person should also have Moderator powers.
05/21/06 20:00:20 Kunsan90: Jess, do you plan to ever phase out the HBA name over time?
05/21/06 20:01:11 kmlaguzzi: *belch* *belch*
05/21/06 20:01:21 HumDum: About time Jason works for a living! :D :D
05/21/06 20:01:30 MtnBrewer: lol
05/21/06 20:01:46 Mainelybrew: Good luck to you Yoomann...with the hba/ab cluster. Obviously there is some loyalty in both companies... tough spot to be in.
05/21/06 20:01:53 Kunsan90: Have you seen Jason lately, he's working!
05/21/06 20:01:59 Yoomann: The most inticing part of the HBA purchase for me was the HOMEBREW.COM - I would consider dropping the Adventurers part - but there is nothing planned
05/21/06 20:02:08 twocents: gonna head out
05/21/06 20:02:11 twocents: have another long day tomorrow
05/21/06 20:02:15 twocents: hope I survive
05/21/06 20:02:17 twocents: ((((((((((((((room)))))))))))))
05/21/06 20:02:19 twocents: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
05/21/06 20:02:28 Yoomann: thanks Manelybrew
05/21/06 20:04:19 Yoomann: I hope to start adding some of the AB recipes on the HBA site very soon
05/21/06 20:04:44 ale: Wasn't ther a Lambic question posted early on?
05/21/06 20:06:05 Yoomann: any other question, comments or suggestions?
05/21/06 20:06:11 BobH: I did not see one but have a related ? ale
05/21/06 20:06:18 Kunsan90: Sure you didn't drink a few Lambic's earlier Al? : )
05/21/06 20:06:31 BobH: maybe it was ESP
05/21/06 20:06:54 ale: Go BobH
05/21/06 20:06:56 BobH: what does a sour lactic mash smell like
05/21/06 20:07:34 BobH: i did a long low temp mash
05/21/06 20:07:43 BobH: it smelled , well nasty
05/21/06 20:07:53 P-J: Ale is correct. A question was asked. I have the transcript.
05/21/06 20:08:16 Yoomann: Good Nite everyone - thank you for taking it easy on me. We'll do this again!