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> Chat transcripts - guest Casey, HBA Brewboard competition organizer
post May 5 2004, 09:19 AM
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The topic of this weeks Chat will be the upcoming HBA Brewboard Competition. Casey will be on board to answer any last minute questions that you may have about this, and Homebrew Competitions in general. Please keep things orderly for Mr. Casey by following the '?' protocol.

Casey: Hello All
ale: 'Evening, Casey.
IrishJny: Hey Casey!
twocents: hello casey
ale: 'evening, CJ
IrishJny: hey ninja!
cj_in_j: Hi again. Clicked the wrong button.
cj_in_j: Hi Casey.
ale: We've got about 6 minutes before 8:00
cj_in_j: Hi Irish
cj_in_j: Hi ale
Casey: Hello CJ
David_Chase: Hi guys, Irish I'm glad you're still around (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/wink.gif)
cj_in_j: ale -- before we start, just want to say that a "package" should be arriving at HBA tomorrow. Take good care of it for me, okay?
cj_in_j: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/wink.gif)
IrishJny: Ha! DC, naw, I just kicked my self out of the PH is all!
invalid: is cj coming on to HBA?
IrishJny: lol
David_Chase: phew, I was worried that it was going to get really boring around here
cj_in_j: invalid -- I wish. Couldn't swing it this year, but if it's not race weekend, then maybe next year.
IrishJny: Hahahahah!
ale: CJ, Should I open it up under water??? lol
cj_in_j: Nah, just wait until Irish gets there and have him open it!
IrishJny: No, Ale, just upside down!
cj_in_j: *choochoo*
twocents: here we go again
IrishJny: lol
David_Chase: *whip*
cj_in_j: lol
BeersBeers24_7: *bark*
Thomas: *evil*
BeersBeers24_7: duh
twocents: *bleep*
BeersBeers24_7: *whistle*
ale: It's getting close to 8:00. Start putting yourselves in line for Casey.
IrishJny: What did u send in, CJ?
IrishJny: ?
David_Chase: so I gotta tell you all that I'm a little reluctant to enter my brews against all of yours
cj_in_j: Irish, I was trying to think about that yesterday, but can't remember.
Thomas: cj: bs
IrishJny: Yur drinkin too much, nunja! And you LIE! Like a dog!
cj_in_j: Steam, pale ale, and blonde ale or light ale or whatever that category is. Plus and IPA that ale's been saving for me.
cj_in_j: I think.
IrishJny: ?
IrishJny: can we start?
ale: Ah, I gotchya. I'll take really good care of it. Can I filter it through my kidneys before I turn it over to Casey? lol
twocents: *harp* it is now 8 pm
IrishJny: stop PM'im! Lets go!
ale: 8:00 - Chat's started. Go, Irish.
IrishJny: Casey, how many entries do you expect at this point?
Casey: Around 100. end
David_Chase: ?
ale: Irish, do you have a second question? If so, go.
IrishJny: What time will judging begin that day?
IrishJny: DC had one...
Casey: 10 AM. end
cj_in_j: ?
ale: Go David_Chase.
David_Chase: Casey, thanks for being here tonight, can we get our score sheets mailed back to us?
Casey: Oh, yes all score sheets will be returned. end
IrishJny: ?
ale: Go, CJ
cj_in_j: What about dropping off entries when arriving in Charlotte. Is that allowed, or would you rather have them sent in advance?
Casey: They need to be at HBA by Friday afternoon. But the entry foems and check has to be in by May 15. end
cj_in_j: Thanks
twocents: ?
ale: Go, Irish.
IrishJny: Casey, any more info on the schedule of events, Q for Ale there, too....
Casey: We will need an exact count on people for Rock Bottom by about mid next week. There has been talk of a group going to Tyber Creeek after the Rock Bottom. end
ale: Buffet dinner At Rock the night before the event...
ale: ...we need to try to get a head count during tonight's chat...
Jimvy: I thought we already had a headcount in one of the threads....18?
twocents: ?
ale: ...RB is within crawling distance from the motel where we've made reservations.
ale: Go, twocents
IrishJny: That is good..... lol
brewcnc: Hey casey, how do we stand for judges?
twocents: this friday?
twocents: and shouldn't that be 'the motel is within crawling distance..
twocents: this friday for entrants..
Casey: May 21st id the Friday for the buffet and yes on motel. end
IrishJny: ?
Casey: Only 6 judges signed up at this time. end
ale: twocents, did you have a second question for Casey?
twocents: nope
twocents: sorry
ale: Go, Irish.
IrishJny: I am trying to get a better handle on how long the event will be.... will there be an awards ceremony, what time does it all end?
Jimvy: ?
Casey: There will be judging, lunch Best of Show judging and the awards ceramony. Should be over in the early afternnon. (4 - 5) end
cj_in_j: ?
ale: Go, Jimvy
Jimvy: Back to the judges, are you going to keep at least one certified judge per flight, or might there not be enough?
Casey: I am going to try to have at least 1 certified judge at each table. I hope I can round up enough judges for this.
Casey: We do however have a number of experienced judges that are not certified. end
Jimvy: ok thanks....
ale: For the record, none of 5gb will be judging the first round...
justice13x2004: ?
ale: ...but I'm hoping that we'll all be available for BOS.
ale: Go, CJ
cj_in_j: I have a general Q about competitions. Why the ban on bottles with raised letters? The beers are all judged blind anyway, it seems like even if a bottle has raised letters, the judges still don't know who submitted it.
justice13x2004: ?
Casey: That is a general rule for the BJCP and I will probably not enforce this. end.
ale: Go, justice
IrishJny: ?
invalid: lol
justice13x2004: Is HBA not doing first round but BOS...not to accuse but I don't buy HBA kits...and wouldn't there be a suspicion that there would be a favoritism to HBA tasting kits. I certainly have been able over the past few months to identifiy HBA kits brewed.
cj_in_j: ?
ale: CJ, Ideally all bottles need to look the same and not stand out in any way. Worst case scenario, an entrant tells his judge buddy that her/his entry in the one in the Bass bottle.
justice13x2004: Sorry but doesnt HBA have a financial interest here?
cj_in_j: ale-- thanks.
bigslowrock: of what?
Casey: The 5 guys have not been selected for any first round judging. The BOS judging will be done by them and I fell they will do an honest job of the judging. end
justice13x2004: To intentionally or unintentionally make a kit sold by HBA the winners?
ale: Go, Irish
IrishJny: As a steward, my LHBC does not want me involved in flights I am entered in.... do you need to know this info, Casey?
Casey: The best beer will win BOS, reguardless of where it came from. end
Thomas: Zaphod, is that you??
Thomas: lol
Casey: ANy steward or judge will not be available on any flight where they have entries. end
ale: justice, this is one of the primary reasons that none of the 5gb crew will be involved in the first round. Also, technique plays at least as much of a roll as ingredients...
bigslowrock: I still don't see how there is a financial windfall
IrishJny: Follow up Q?
ale: ...we can be impartial.
Thomas: bigslowrock: you're obviously not knee deep in your conspiracy theories yet
bigslowrock: If they can pick all thier kits out of the groups, they deserve something anyway
cj_in_j: troll!
ale: Go, Irish
IrishJny: Casey, so do you need to kmow now, what I am entering?
Casey: No, I need all entry forms and checks by 5 PM on May 15th. That is the deadline for entries.
ale: Irish, You should probably do this through PM
Casey: Any entries coming in later than that will not be judged.
IrishJny: In regards to stewarding and judging, I mean, Jimvy is in the same boat with 4 or more entries
Casey: I need a week to get flights and things set up is why the deadline is May 15th. end
IrishJny: OK, Ale.....
bigslowrock: justice started a new account just to ask that question
bigslowrock: hmmmmmm
invalid: *smites bigslowrock*
Thomas: well, a moderator must be able to tell us who he really is lol
ale: Irish, the reason that I suggest this is because I'm accepting entries at the store....
ale: ...and the less that I know, the better...
NCBluesman: I'd like to participate, but unfortunately will be out of town on the 22nd. Do you need to be present to participate?
bigslowrock: yeah, Kroyster could track him with IPs
ale: ...one of the main reasons that I won't judge the first round.
Casey: No, you do not need to be present. you can ship your entries to HBA
Casey: But they need to be there by MAy 15. end.
NCBluesman: I've never had an entry judged. Is there a category for Kolsch?
ale: Casey, Do you want to explain a bit about first flight, BOS, and what they represent?
Casey: No category for Koelsch.
Casey: We will have a flight of Light ales that will be judged. The overall top 3 will recieve ribbons.
Casey: The winner of that flight will go to the BOS judging.
ale: Sorry CJ, missed you. Go.
bigslowrock: ?
Casey: In the flight, judges will go by BJCP guidelines.
Casey: In BOS the overall best beer is picked according to general style
cj_in_j: A Q from blizzbrews -- will we receive any kind of confirmation that our entries arrive safely at HBA? (email, pm, etc.)
Casey: There will be ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd BOS. end.
TProfera: ?
Casey: Had not really planned on that CJ.
ale: I'll answer that, CJ. No, we're not set up for anything like that...
Casey: I guess I could put a thres up a few days before May 15 with ones that have entered.
Casey: Thread that is. end
ale: ...In fact, this entire competition was kind of sprung on us by surprise...
Thomas: that would be cool casey
IrishJny: Surprise? What do you mean? lol
cj_in_j: "sprung on us by surprise" -- Thanks Irish! (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/wink.gif)
Casey: I will put up a thread May 12 on what I have so far. end
cj_in_j: Oops, beat me to it.
ale: ...but if any entries arrive damaged, I will let the entrant know.
cj_in_j: ale -- Cool.
cj_in_j: Casey -- thanks.
cj_in_j: And Irish -- thanks too1
IrishJny: Sorry, I have to run! Thanks you, Casey and Ale, VERY much! Really, this is great, and very appreciated!
Casey: See ya Irish
ale: Go, BSR (What do you want now, toublemaker lol )
IrishJny: See you in afew weeks! *choochoo*
bigslowrock: So when are you guys going to decide if you're doing another one next year?
bigslowrock: I'm not a toublemaker
cj_in_j: see ya Irish
twocents: night irish
bigslowrock: I'm a troublemaker bring back the hottie thread
Casey: Next year will be talked about later on this year and then go from there.
cj_in_j: Casey -- If I get a vote.....
Casey: We will see how this one goes. end
cj_in_j: .....I vote for having one next year, but not on race weekend!
ale: Go, TProfera.
bigslowrock: A longer heads up would probably increase the entries, I know I'm not entering anywhere near what I would like
TProfera: sorry to get in late. This question is for Ale and Casey: I sent Ale via email the text for CBM invite? Might help getting judges and volunteers.
TProfera: didi you seeit ale?
ale: BSR, point taken. Again, this was a surprise to us.
Casey: There is already a couple of out of town judges lined up but we do need more. end
ale: Members of the Brewboard arranged a competition before we were even aware of it...
Osh: TProfera - I like your idea, what are the chances that the other LHBS would take offense?
ale: TPro, No, have not yet seen it.
TProfera: they are free to start their own brewboard
TProfera: hey this is just a little competition amongst eFriends
TProfera: Ale...I will sent it again. I will PM you again.
TProfera: that send
ale: ....If a large competition is going to be held, it needs to be done correctly. That's why we asked Casey to oversee it.
Jimvy: I gotta run....Thanks Casey and Ale....see you guys in a few weeks
ale: See Ya
Casey: See ya Jimvy
twocents: HIy aeneas
cj_in_j: ale -- Just have to say that I'm happy you guys decided to pick up the ball and run with it. Casey is the perfect guy to be in charge!
ale: Agreed.
bigslowrock: Since there is so much money to be made if a kit wins, I'm going to ask for a percentage of sales of the kit when I win Best of Show
Casey: (Blush)
ale: That's exactly why we approached him to take charge.
cj_in_j: And Casey, if you have any hair left after finishing this year's comp, we'd love to have you back next year!!!!!
Casey: We shall see !
ale: Casey did an incredible job with Carolina Brewmaster's US Open last week.
ale: He'll do this competition right.
Casey: The US Open did go quite smoothly.
bigslowrock: Whats the over under of the IBU of the BOS?
bigslowrock: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/smile.gif)
ale: It's closing in on 9:00, does anyone have any more questions concerning the HBA Brewboard Competition, or Homebrew Competitions in general for Casey?
Aeneas: ?
ale: Go Aeneas
Aeneas: Casey, who are the judges for this competition and...
Aeneas: what special insturctions will be given?
Casey: We have 6 lined up right now. They will be instructed to list there names and
DuncanDad: Evening all
Casey: give good criticism of the beers being judges. Give any help on how to improve. end
Aeneas: will it be run in an AHA approved style, or other?
Aeneas: ie. best beer on the table wins
Casey: No, it will not be AHA or BJCP sanctioned but we will be going by BJCP guidelines.
Aeneas: OK, thank you
DuncanDad: ?
Casey: It will be like a regular competition. Flights will be judged with the winners going to the BOS table. end
ale: We realize that for most participnts, this will be your first competition...
ale: ...so it will be done as formally as practical...
Casey: go ahead Duncandad
DuncanDad: I was taliking to some one the other day and they mentioned that we can send in our entry money but bring our entries with us to Charlotte. Will that be ok?
ale: ...bear in mind that Casey is still probably shell shocked by last weeks US.Open...
DuncanDad: Sorry if this is a repete question
Casey: DD, yes. Your entry forms and check must be at HBA by May 15th. You can bring your entries
DuncanDad: Cool thanks
Casey: and drop them off at HBA on Friday afternoon.
DuncanDad: What's the drop dead time on Friday?
Casey: I would like for it to be 6 pm. If you are going to be later than that pm me and we will work something out. end
ale: DD, ASAP...
DuncanDad: TY
DuncanDad: Right
BobH: ?
Casey: From the ones here, who is going to have entries ?
ale: ...I'm 20 minutes outside of the city and would like to make a quick trip home to rinse my carass off berore the buffet...
DuncanDad: I'll have one entry, how many do you need for BOS).
ale: Go, BobH
BobH: Anyone taking photos for us that are not going to be there can see the fun
cj_in_j: I have four
terricksa: I believe I will have one maybe two
brewcnc: I'll have 3 or 4
Jon_S: I may enter 2 or 3
Casey: Bob, I have acamera and will try to get some pic. end
TProfera: I'll probably have 4 entries..casey.
Casey: sounding good.
BobH: great. wish I could be there
cj_in_j: Irish will have one in every category and subcategory!
cj_in_j: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/wink.gif)
cj_in_j: *slap* <--ME!
TProfera: I'll take a bunch of digital shots and post to the brewboard.
Aeneas: hey CJ, lets not attack the man when he's not here!
twocents: think he slapped himself there...
cj_in_j: That's not an attack -- and besides, I said the same thing to his face. And, yes the slap was for me!
ale: For the record, it's now past 9:00, and Casey is off the hook. Everyone's welcome to hang out, and I'll be right back.
cj_in_j: Casey -- thanks again for everything.
ale: ...Need to recycle some beer.
Casey: Your welcome. Look forward to the actual competition day.
cj_in_j: Ah, ale's filling up his hot liquor tank again. Beware!!!
Jon_S: CJ: Did the cold pitch today. Shortest lag time ever. Less than 3 hours to get a 1" layer of krausen.
cj_in_j: Jon -- Great! I still don't really know why it works, but it does.
TProfera: looking forward to meeting you all...see ya.
Casey: see ya TP
Jon_S: The starter was a 2 liter, so that was my biggest to date.
cj_in_j: That always helps, too. I do three-liter starters now, and love the fermentation action.
Shift_Worker: How Y'all Are ?
cj_in_j: Hey Shift.
Chauvan: ahem... Howdy gents!
cj_in_j: Morning, Chauvan
Casey: Well guys I will catch you later. Hope I answered all questions. If not put up a thread !
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