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> Chat Transcripts - Guest Chris Colby, editor of "Brew Your Own" magazine
post Nov 1 2004, 06:00 PM
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Chris Colby, editor for "Brew Your Own" magazine and award winning Brewer, will be my guest for this Sunday's Chat. A few words from Chris:
[quote]I have been homebrewing since 1990 or 1991, when I was a graduate student in evolutionary biology at Boston University. Back then, I produced swill that was gratefully drank by my buddies at poker night, but wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination. In 1997, I got serious about homebrewing, read a bunch of books and started producing much better beer. I also started all-grain brewing and keeping a brewing notebook around that time. (I’m up to batch #107 since I’ve started keeping track.)

I brew a lot of different kinds of beer, including many “fringe” styles and experimental beers. For example, I brew both rauchbier (smoked Märzen) and lambic. Lambics, and other sour beers, are among my favorite styles. This year I won Best of Show at my homebrew club’s contest (the Austin ZEALOT’s Homebrew Inquisition). The winning beer was a gueuze (blended lambic) made from 3-year-old, 2-year-old, and 1-year-old lambic. I’m not that into contests, but it is nice to win a ribbon for a beer that took me four years to brew. If you take 4 years to brew something and it sucks, you aren’t going to be that happy.

As for experimental beers, I have made Jolly Rancher Apple lambic, Schwartz Wit (literally “Black White,” a dark-colored version of Belgian Wit with the usual spices plus lavender), sweet potato ESB, Russet potato malt liquor and my latest beer — “Choctoberfest,” an Octoberfest with an insane amount of cocoa added to it. I have plans to make a “lambpagne,” a combination sparking wine and lambic and a “Schwartz and Wit.” The Schwartz and Wit will be two witbiers — one dark and one light, with slightly different spices — that I would pour like a black and tan (made with Guinness and Harp).

I can and do brew some normal beers — my Vienna lager won a silver at this year’s National Homebrew Contest — but I really like trying new things. (While I’m shamelessly mentioning homebrew ribbons, my rauchbier also took second in the AHA Southern regionals this year.)

I am now the scribe for my homebrew club, the Austin ZEALOTS, and was part of the driving force behind our Homebrew Inquisition. Our contest is the first homebrew contest to judge beers based on how good they taste, not how well it mimics an existing style. We’re “franchising” this year, so there will be at two Inquisitions held this year if all goes as planned. (If you club in interested in hosting an Inquisition, please email me and we’ll talk.)

I’ve been with Brew Your Own magazine in one way or another for a little while now. I wrote my first article for them in May 2000. Sometime in 2001, I began writing the techniques column. In late 2002, I became managing editor and in mid-2003 I became editor. I “telecommute” from my home in Bastrop, TX. This has cut my commute time for 45 minutes to an hour both ways (when I worked in Austin) to about 8 seconds. Plus, I can hang out in my underwear and blast AC/DC while editing. My previous employer wasn’t down with that.

Chris will address any and all Homebrewing questions.

Please keep things orderly for Mr. Colby and follow the "?" protocol.[/quote]

ale: Brewers, My Clock is now at 8:00, and the Chat has begun. Please try to keep things orderly for Mr. Colby. =D
Beershasta: Ha! I have ot admit, I have a counterpressure bottle filler waiting when that check comes in. Ha!
Chris_Colby: Call me Chris.
cj_in_j: ?
ale: OK I'll start - Chris, how long have you been brewing and what drew you towads it?
Chris_Colby: I began in 1990 or 1991. A fellow grad student had brewed before and showed me how. I liked being able to come up with my own recipes and making beer that I wanted to drink. (Also, for a grad student, it was a bit cheaper.)
Chris_Colby: Since then, I've mainly enjoyed it for the opportunity to explore different recipes, different techniques and just to have a hobby I could have fun with. Plus, when you're done, you've got beer. [...end]
ale: Go CJ
Beershasta: ?
cj_in_j: Can you give us a bit of advice on how to get published in BYO?
Chris_Colby: If you're interested in writing for BYO, drop me a query letter at chris@byo.com or edit@byo.com. Tell me what your article would be about and what your qualifications are. (How long have you homebrewed, mainly.)
cj_in_j: And that's it?
Chris_Colby: What I'm most looking for is articles that deal with something the author knows a lot about (or has pioneered or championed in the homebrew community.) Denny Conn's article on batch sparging is a good example. Perry (Beershasta's) article on on-line
Chris_Colby: resources is another. What I'm most interested in is something all or most readers would like and that the author is very familiar with. [...end]
ale: Go Shasta
cj_in_j: thanks
Beershasta: How did you end up with the BYO job? PART 2...Had you had editing experience prior to that?
Bosco: ?
Chris_Colby: I ended up with the BYO job through a very roundabout path.
Chris_Colby: I had done some editing and writing since junior high on various publications. After college, I went to graduate school at Boston University (in evolutionary biology). After graduating (and getting married), I got into science editing for a textbook ...
TexanBrewer: ?
Chris_Colby: company. Long story short:[/color] I HATED that. I started writing for BYO. Then they hired my as managing editor. Then the editor left and I got promoted . . . and now I sit in my underwear, listening to music at insanely high decibel levels writing and . . .
Chris_Colby: editing a homebrew magazine. [... end]
TexanBrewer: eww..and =)
ale: Go Bosco
Beershasta: Ha, thanks Chris!
Bosco: Could you give us some hints on the upcoming issue?
Beershasta: ?
Chris_Colby: Sure. We have 13 holiday beers cloned, thanks to tons of help from the head brewers at their breweries. We have Avery Old Jubilation, Harpoon Winter Warmer, Big Sky Powder Hound, Magic Hat Feast of Fools, Full Sail Wassail, Saint Arnold Christmas . . .
Chris_Colby: Breckenridge Christmas, Widmer SnowPlow, Pyramid Snowcap, plus a whole story on Samichlaus. That and some other crap =)
Bosco: Sweet =) Thanks Chris.
Chris_Colby: Oh yeah, we also have cool story on Baltic Porter.
cj_in_j: How about OldFart and his CO2 recycling system?
Chris_Colby: Hey TexanBrewer. When are you going to crash a ZEALOTS meeting?
ale: Go Tex
TexanBrewer: Miss you at the Dixie Cup. We had a tri-randell station setup inspired by an article in BYO. Next year we (Foam Rangers) have to kidnap you. What gives? Family issues are no excuse! <grin>
TexanBrewer: soon, I hope!
Chris_Colby: Dude! I was so bummed I missed the Dixie Cup. It was work issues that kept me back (and from taking the BJCP test). I'll definitely be there next year. For those of you haven't been to one, the Dixie Cup is a blast. Did the cops show up this year? ...
Chris_Colby: Do I even need to ask? =)
TexanBrewer: heh..No. The hotel was super cool about the whole thing.
bigslowrock: ?
TexanBrewer: It was great. But a Budweiser won BOS. Go figure.
Chris_Colby: A Bud clone. C'mon.
TexanBrewer: American Standard Lager. <sigh>
ale: Go Shasta
Beershasta: There was a gal a few months back on the cover that...nevermind, what I meant was; what does your homebrewery look like?
TexanBrewer: hahaha
Chris_Colby: Oh well. Next year I hope to submit a couple of really crazy beers to the Cup. I have "ideas." *evil*
Chris_Colby: My homebrewery is very low tech. I have two propane burners and a 20-gallon aluminum pot (that I usuallt use as an HLT), a ten gallon SS pot, a ten gallon SS pot with a false bottom for my primary mash tun, a converted Igloo Ice Cube cooler as a batch ...
ale: So far, it sounds awhole lot like mine =D
Chris_Colby: sparge mash tun. The best peice of equipemtn I have is my chest freezer. If you can control your fermentation temperatures (and pitch enough yeast), you can make good beer. You really don't need a very complicated brewery at all. [...end]
ale: Go Slowrock
Beershasta: Thanks Chris. I totaly agree with fermentation temps
Chris_Colby: I'd love to have a high-tech brew system, but I can make good beer without it, so I don't bother.
bigslowrock: Welp, mine was pretty much the same as shasta -- How often do you brew? how do you brew and what size of batches do you brew?
Chris_Colby: Yes, I completely think a good fermentation is the key to good beer. I know a lot of people get excited about stuff on the hot side (mash regimes, boil stuff; and that's all important); but for most homebrewers, they key to good beer is running a good . ..
Chris_Colby: fermwentation.
Chris_Colby: That's "fermentation."
bigslowrock: sure sure
bigslowrock: =)
Beershasta: self editing. Ha!
Chris_Colby: I brew about 14-20 batches a year, although some are split into several types of beer. For example, I made 20 gallons of lambic this year and made 5 gallons of lambic to age, 5 gallons of kriek, 5 of framboise and two little batches of "candy lambic" . . .
skotrat: Hey Now!
Chris_Colby: with Jolly Rancher Apple and Jolly Rancher Watermelon candies. [...end]
Chris_Colby: Hey Skot!
ale: ?
skotrat: ?
Beershasta: Go Ale.
ale: Chris, Homebrewing articles contain as much fact as they do opinion...
ale: How do you separate the 'Wheat from the Chaff'?
Chris_Colby: Well, we have a technical editor that reads every manuscript and a second reviewer that also reads everything. (I've been trying this year to find really good second reviewers for everything.) In the end, I don't mind presenting a mix of fact and ...
skotrat: Hey Again Will
Chris_Colby: opinion, as long as readers can tell the difference. If you had to publish a homebrew mag based only on facts, you'd have a tough go at it as there are a lot of unknown factors in small-scale brewing. (That's one reason I want to conduct and publish . . .
Chris_Colby: experiments in BYO. [...end]
TexanBrewer: being a guest is an exersise in speed typing.
skotrat: INDEED!
ale: Go Skotrat
Chris_Colby: You guys will see quite a few typos tonight!
TexanBrewer: we'll hold you to every one, too. *evil*
skotrat: BYO took alot of flack from hardcore All grainer/advanced brewers when it first came out (right after Brewing Tech died)
skotrat: It has come a long way since then to gain all aspects of brewers and brewing... How was this achieved? and where is it planning on going in the future?
Beershasta: Good question Skot.
Chris_Colby: Good question. BYO tries to serve the whole homebrew community. As Brewing Techniques showed, there just isn't a market for a mag that focuses only on the high end of homebrewing. So, we try to cover everything in homebrewing from the very beginners . ..
skotrat: I reckon that it is difficult to not alienate one group or another though
Chris_Colby: to advanced guys. Obviously, not every article is going to please every brewer. But, I try to get a mix of things in BYO to appeal to all levels of brewers. I also try to make higher-level articles accessible to guys just starting out. ...
cj_in_j: ?
skotrat: thanks... keep up the great work
Chris_Colby: Part of how this was acheived was by hiring me =) I have been a homebrewer for a number years, and -- having a scientific background -- I gravitate to some of the more advanced topics and have helped bring them to BYO. (For example, I brought Bill ...
Chris_Colby: Pierce on board to write our Advanced Homebrew column. ...
bigslowrock: more advance stuff would be nice
Chris_Colby: In the future, BYO is going to remain on a somewhat steady course. I want to keep the all-grainers (like myself) happy, but I also want to keep interesting articles for the new guys in BYO to bring people into the hobby and keep people who have tried ...
skotrat: Yes... Gotta keep the new blood coming into the brewing scene
cj_in_j: Definitely.
Chris_Colby: brewing once or twice into the hobby. I think a early mistake or failure can mean an early end to someone's foray into homebrewing. Conversely, if you have some early success, you're going to brew forever. [...end]
ale: Go CJ
cj_in_j: Any chance of getting the mysterious "Mr. Wizard" as a chat guest here? Keeping his identity secret, of course.
skotrat: Thanks!
skotrat: Fresh Apple Pie in the Kitchen...
skotrat: bbiab
Chris_Colby: I could ask "the Wiz."
ale: ?
Beershasta: That would be very cool!
cj_in_j: Go ale!
Chris_Colby: Skotrat, did I hear somewhere you play guitar?
TexanBrewer: <whew> Thought you were going to say, "Go Wiz"
Chris_Colby: Man, that reminds me, I gotta "go whiz." =)
ale: Chris, what is your honest opinion of clone recipes?
ale: I mean, several publications will put them into print...
Chris_Colby: If that's what you want to brew, then brew them. I tend to like to make my own recipes rather then copy what others have done. But that's just me. (And, I would saw of my left nut to be able to make a clone of Cantillon Gueuze). ..
Ted: ?
ale: ...but to actually clone a commercial bee requires a whole lot more than just the right ingredients...
bigslowrock: ?
TexanBrewer: I'd saw off your right to steal your recipe. mmmm
Chris_Colby: Clone recipes vary in quality, usually depending on how much help the cloner gets from the brewer. {WARNING:[/color] utterly shameless plug coming!} I'm happy that, in the last two clone stories we've done in BYO, the brewers have helped us out a lot. I was ...
ale: ...does it ever make you feel 'uneazt' to publish 'clone recipes'?
Chris_Colby: actually surprised and grateful at how seriously most of the brewers took our requests and how much interest they showed in the homebrewing community. [...end]
ale: Go Ted
TexanBrewer: ?
Chris_Colby: Yes, you need to match the recipes with the procedures the brewery uses as well...
Ted: When you make Lambic, do you primary ferment do you use the Lambic blend or do you ferment with ale yeast then the Lambic blend?
Ted: Then bacteria?
Chris_Colby: [to keep going on the second part of ale's question] The best clone recipe in the world is only going to get you in the ballpark on your system. (Although, hopefully it's the infield.) In order to slide into home -- as the Boston Red Socks will be ...
Chris_Colby: doing in thier next few games, you need to brew your beer, taste it, and tweak your recipe. The recipe is only half of the puzzle.
Chris_Colby: [...end]
Chauvan: ?
ale: Thank's Chris. Didn't mean to cut you off
Chris_Colby: No, I don't feel uneasy about publishing clone recipes because we usually have the brewery's blessing. We don't clone a beer if the brewery objects (although we don't always ask them. =) )
ale: Go Ted
Ted: I aleady posted my question
Chris_Colby: Was there a question on lambics?
ale: Replied?
Ted: yes
Ted: no reply
ale: Hold on. Chris is working on it...
Ted: reading my mind
ale: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/wow.gif)
Chris_Colby: OK, I see it. When I make a lambic, I pitch Wyeast's lambic blend at first. Then I usually spike it with more bacteria and my homebrew culture of various lambic dregs. The Wyeast culture alone does a pretty good job, though. Not a bad place to start.
Ted: OK, that differs from others but sounds the way I want to go
Ted: have you used unmalted wheat yet?
Chris_Colby: There's more than one way to brew a lambic. If it works for you, just do it. My process differs from say, Steve Piatz's, but we both end up with beer we like. ...
Chris_Colby: I haven't bothered using unmalted wheat yet (or barrell aging). Sometime. I think the key to lambics, though, is in the fermentation. The stuff on the hot side is just tradition. Nice to follow if you want, but from a taste standpoint isn't that important.
Chris_Colby: [...end]
ale: Go Slowrock
bigslowrock: Do you not value that left nut? You know you can buy that cantillon geuze stuff in the store...
bigslowrock: =)
Ted: thanks Chris
TexanBrewer: Not in Texas. <sigh>
bigslowrock: lol I forgot
Chris_Colby: Dude! That's my best nut =) I just think the skill and craftsmenship that goes into Cantillon and all the traditional lambics is fantastic and I'd love to able to duplicate it in my 5-gallon plastic buckets. [...end]
ale: Go Texan
TexanBrewer: Roeselare blend. Used it? Anecdotal examples? I’ve a package in the fridge waiting some wort.
Chris_Colby: Yeah! What's the deal with the TABC pulling lambics from the shelves. Don't they have their hands full mislabelling al strong beers as ales? [...end]
TexanBrewer: f*ke...er...um, badies
Chris_Colby: I have not used the Roeselare blend. Will probably try it sometime soon, though. [...end]
Ted: ?
TexanBrewer: end? That's all? Obudsuman! I've a complaint! =)
ale: REMINDER:[/color] It's now after 9:00 and Mr. Colby is now officially 'off the hook'. One more question, Chris? ..A couple more???
Chris_Colby: Let me reload on my beer and lets keep chatting.
ale: Cool. Go Chauvan.
Chauvan: Sorry, came in late, so sorry if this was already asked... How long does it take to prep an issue? Meaning from conception to print.
Chris_Colby: An issue starts abotu 6 weeks before it is shippe to the printer. (Each issue of BYO overlaps a couple weeks with the latest issue of WineMaker, our other mag). ...
ale: May take a few secs, Chauvan. He's refilling.
Chris_Colby: I try have the next three or four issues mapped out at any given time, but I keep our plans flexible, for when good ideas arise. [...end]
Chauvan: Cool. Thanks
BobH: we sould make 5 min breaks at the top of the hour
bigslowrock: lol
bigslowrock: the guy is an editor of a homebrew magazine - he should have a tap right next to the monitor!!!! =)
Chris_Colby: Hey, now there's an idea.
Beershasta: i do
cj_in_j: I have an IV hanging from the ceiling.
TexanBrewer: earthquake victim
cj_in_j: Yeah, life's rough up north!
Beershasta: Is there a question out?
TexanBrewer: ?
cj_in_j: No, I think we're out of questions.
BobH: dang now I forgot
Beershasta: Chris, do you edit Wine maker too?
nascar_fan: Well I am glad to meet someone from Bastrop also
ale: Go Texan
TexanBrewer: When do the ZELLOTS meet?
Chris_Colby: Yes, WineMaker is the other magazine we do. I know alot less about wine than beer, but I'm learning. [...end]
BobH: ?
Chris_Colby: The ZEALOTS meet the third Saturday of every month at ther Gingerman on 4th street in Austin. We have tons of fun. The ZEALOTS are a very adventurous group of brewers. Even with "crazy" beers I do, I don't even stand out. [...end]
ale: Go BOBH
BobH: I am using Wyeast Lambic Blend and find the secondary activity going on for a lomg time (3 weeks). It seems to pick up steam angain a few days in the secondary. Is this normal for Lambics?
TexanBrewer: ok.. 4th? Two shy of a flush? <inside grin>
Chris_Colby: Once the bacteria kick in, you might see and increase in activity. Or, it might just be changes in temperature or atmosphereic pressure driving CO2 out of solution. The thing about lambic fermentations is that each is unique. You just need to ride it ...
Chris_Colby: out and see what happens. Hopefully you'll be heavy on the sour and light on ther "baby diapers." [...end]
BobH: thats what I'm doing. just waitng
BobH: ?
Chris_Colby: Give your lambic at least 3 months in the fermenter, six is better and a year would be best (for a non-blended homebrew version). These beers need time to develop. [...end]
ale: I agree with Chris. No two ferments will behave the same. Especially with Bacteria Cultures. Wort composition plays a huge roll here.
ale: Go BobH
BobH: do lambics screw up your equipment, as in you need to get new stuff for normal beers now
TexanBrewer: meads, lambics, RIS...All the good stuff lasts longer than my patience. (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/sad.gif)
Chris_Colby: You can help yourself out by raising the temperature once primary is done. Letting the lambic sit on it's yeast cake at 70-80 ¡F will get some nice sour flavors developed.
BobH: let it sit on yeast cake is something note done with normak beer
BobH: not done
BobH: sorry about the spelling
Chris_Colby: No, lambics do not permanently contaminate your equipment. Glass, stainless steel and plastic that is in good shape can be cleaned and sanitized. Porous material might harbor bacteria, but it's a complete myth that making lambics sours your homebrewery...
TexanBrewer: spelling is sooooooo overrated.
Chris_Colby: permanently.
Beershasta: ?
BobH: thanks chris
Chris_Colby: Yep, your'e right, Normally you rack a beer of it's yeast once primary is done. Lambics are not ordinary beers, though. [...end]
ale: Go Shasta
Beershasta: Chris, have you ever soured part of a mash in the making of a Irish stout like Guiness?
Chris_Colby: I've never done that for a stout. I tend to shoot for the Murphy's kind of stout rather than Guiness, so I haven't bothered. I also don't think the only way a stout should be pushed is with nitro. I like it in Guinness but I think a lot of otherwise good..
Chris_Colby: stouts are ruined by this practice. [...end]
ale: =D
ale: Agreed.
TexanBrewer: ?
ale: Go Tex
TexanBrewer: Someone said you were a hippie. True?
TexanBrewer: heh
Beershasta: Pantless with loud music on now!
ale: By the way, the '?' is now being dropped.
BobH: ?
Chris_Colby: A hippie? No, I don't so. A fat guy with a beard, sure. But not a hippie =) Pants are on and no music right now. the Sox game is on the tube.
BobH: Lots of us like hoppy beer, what do you think the hop contribution should be like in a lambic?
ale: OK - Last one - Go BobH
Thomas: non-percievable
TexanBrewer: Sox and Cardinals suck. GO ASTROS. <sigh>
Salvator: Little Stevens Underground Garage for me.
Chris_Colby: In a lambic, you don't want any hop bitterness. It's just not something that goes well with the style.
TexanBrewer: build a billon dollar ball park and they choke in the 7th game. <double sigh>
Thomas: astro-farks
TexanBrewer: what? Argh!
Chris_Colby: Speaking of hops. What do you guys think of Amarillo? I am totally in love with this variety.
Thomas: lol
TexanBrewer: I'll sick HumDum on you later. =)
cj_in_j: Amarillo rocks! I love it.
Thomas: armadillo?
TexanBrewer: debittered Amarillio is great! <grin>
Thomas: humdum runs those over with his lawnmower
BobH: I like hops, I like em all
ale: BobH, The bitterness from the hops will conflict with the sourness from the ferment...
Salvator: armadillo hops rock!!
BobH: gotcha
Beershasta: You have to shave them first though!
BobH: Im a frankenbrewer
BobH: no two alike
Beershasta: And they are hard to hold while doing it.
Chris_Colby: Yeah! I've always liked Cascades (and think the Cascade pooh-poohers are just too trendy for thier own good). But I think Amarillo really has a great flavor for American-style pale ales and red ales.
TexanBrewer: I've two pounds of debitterd hops in my own special patteneted debittering container at all (well, most) times.
TexanBrewer: pattented..well, not quite.
Chris_Colby: I have an armadillo that lives in my backyard.
cj_in_j: Amarillo and Centennial combined is great.
TexanBrewer: gheto bucket. hehe
ale: ...I've judged several Lambics that were just plain harsh. Very bitter beers, as well as very sour beers can be very refreshing...
ale: ...when you combine bitter with sour it can be way over the top.
BobH: I;m doing a lambic cider
Chris_Colby: Lambics can be horrible if they don't turn out well. Any even the Belgians have barrels that are just undrinkable. You are always rolling the dice when you make lambic. But, if things go right, it's worth the risk.
Beershasta: Gota run...Chris thanks again for everything and remember to ask the Wizard about chatting. Our people will get with his people. lol
Chris_Colby: I will ask Senor Wiz.
lord1234: is it still official chat?
Chris_Colby: kinda sorta
lord1234: ok...then ? (not for Chris but general question)
Salvator: Bye fellas, gotta run
lord1234: resuspending yeast in a carboy...should i do it...and should I do it even if the krausen hasn't fallen yet...(it's been 7 days)
BobH: I just finished a couple of Baltika Porters (dark) they where very good
lord1234: i am drinking a flat tire(fat tire clone).
lord1234: delicious
Chris_Colby: I'm not sure I understand the question.
Ted: hmm, odd
Chris_Colby: If you pitched enough yeast to start with, you should never have to rouse yeast (with the exceptions of high gravity beers and a few yeast strains.)
BobH: just saying they where very good and I'm putting porter on my brew list
BobH: ok lords question sorry chris
Chris_Colby: Astros?
TexanBrewer: ASTROS, baby
Chris_Colby: To each his own, I guess. =)
TexanBrewer: hmmph
nascar_fan: hey Chris, I come to Austin area several times a year. Would love to drink a beer with you sometime. You in Austin or Bastrop most of the time?
Chris_Colby: Anyone see the Browns game today? They were so close to huge upset.
Ted: what game?
TexanBrewer: That's it! I'm not reading your magainze again until next month. Teach you!
Chris_Colby: I'm almost always here. Drop me a line and we can go grab a beer.
TexanBrewer: Browns=football. The other white meat.
Ted: Browns, oh yeah they almost beat the Eagles
bigslowrock: who saw ESPN Gameday on saturday?
Chris_Colby: I think the Vikings are ince again going to mount a nice runup before choking and ripping the hearts out of their fans.
ale: Any more brewing related questions FOR Mr. Colby?
TexanBrewer: ultimate tailgate brew?
Ted: my favorite part of each season is seeing the Vikings CHOKE!!! lol
bigslowrock: They are the vikings, it is thier destiny
Chris_Colby: I grew up a Vikings fan. We know what's coming at the end of every season, but it still bites.
bigslowrock: Ultimate tailgate brew? hmmm, good question
Ted: sorry Chris!! *evil*
bigslowrock: I just finished off a keg of milk stout yesterday
TexanBrewer: I think the Vikings are going to be a force in the second part of the season. Great team, dam*it
bigslowrock: HBA's milk stout
Chris_Colby: A tailgate brew should be something eminently poundable.
bigslowrock: nope
bigslowrock: you should have something that covers the complete brew palate =)
TexanBrewer: a well-aged Golden Strong. Heh.
bigslowrock: I always bring 4 types to every tailgate
bigslowrock: =)
cj_in_j: Hey all, gotta get to work. Chris -- Thanks for the interesting chat! See you all on the Board./
Ted: later CJ
bigslowrock: High alcohol beers are bad =) the saison I brought did in a few tailgaters
TexanBrewer: adios, Chris! Kanichiwa (and all of that)
BobH: bye CJ
TexanBrewer: drop
TexanBrewer: drop 'em early and take their tickets. Good plan.
bigslowrock: lol
Ted: lol
bigslowrock: yesterday, I was out at the stadium for over 15 hours
BobH: just a nice rice beer that has a low FG
TexanBrewer: 15? You help clean up?
bigslowrock: We got there at 8:30am
Ted: jeez
bigslowrock: left at 1ish
TexanBrewer: wow. You da man
nascar_fan: was passed out for 5 of them =)
Ted: that's crazy
bigslowrock: Gameday came on at 10:30, so we needed to get in breakfast before that
bigslowrock: My sign for the tailgating site was on the screen everytime Herbstriet was talking
bigslowrock: it was sweet
bigslowrock: we crashed the server big time
TexanBrewer: heh
bigslowrock: 3 meals too
TexanBrewer: wow. A complete day!
bigslowrock: it was pretty sweet except for the outcome of the game
TexanBrewer: and you still left at 1AM? Die hard fans.
bigslowrock: yeah, the game finished midnight ish
TexanBrewer: ahhh.
bigslowrock: and I have to wait for traffic to clear before driving the van
Chauvan: ? (don't know how formal we're still being..)
bigslowrock: the first gear is damn near shot
TexanBrewer: formality went out with the second barley wine, Chauvan
Tressin: Good evening all
TexanBrewer: and BRING ME SOME COLD WEATHER. I'm dying here in mid October. Sheesh!
BobH: nite
bigslowrock: move!!!
bigslowrock: =)
Chauvan: Oh good. =) Then I'll just ask.. Is there any benefit to soaking stainless with with Bar Keepers friend?
Chauvan: Nite Bob
bigslowrock: BKF is for scrubbing
Tressin: I'd think not
TexanBrewer: adios, Bob
BobH: not me tressin
BobH: nite tressin
Chris_Colby: Seriously, it's October and it's still hot out (here in Texas).
Tressin: I just got here!
Tressin: Global warming
Chauvan: =)
bigslowrock: like I said move! =)
BobH: my old buddy lives in San Antonio
Chauvan: So, that's a no. Rodger.
TexanBrewer: nice city.
Howie: Ale, did you judge at the TO yesterday?
BobH: works for cooper Tires
Chris_Colby: OK, so who's brewing what in the coming month? I've got a winter warmer planned.
Tressin: Thames valley bitter next sat!
Chauvan: Brewing in about an hour, my attempt at Young's Double Chocolate Stout
TexanBrewer: Flanders Red, Oatmeal sout and RIS on its cake.
Ted: Brit Strong Ale, and Lambic
bigslowrock: Not sure what I'm going to brew.
BobH: extract / mini mash Porter
bigslowrock: I always decide like two hours before I order it =)
BeerGod: IPA, wit, Red Ale, Dry Stout, CAP, 55 gallons, all in the next week. . .
Tressin: I always decide while I'm ordering it =)
Ted: Oh and Hourglass IPA
Tressin: cascades ted?
jocosa: nut brown, trad mead
Ted: CJ's blend
Tressin: ah
Chris_Colby: Who's brewing something odd/crazy/of their own design?
Howie: porter, mild, bitter
Tressin: any pumkin brews going? Tis the season!
BeerGod: I thought of adding and oz or two of wormwood to my IPA? Crazy? You tell me?
jocosa: got one I'll rack later in the week, it smells great
TexanBrewer: hmm..nope. That was last month. Sour pumpkin ale. I'm conservative for a while.
bigslowrock: sour on purpose?
bigslowrock: =)
BobH: braggot ie honey and grains no fruit
Chris_Colby: Sour pumpkin? That sounds interesting.
Tressin: how did you sour ur pumpkin?
Tressin: mash it over night?
TexanBrewer: yup. Soured 2 liters with yoghert. Addeded to three gallons of pumpkin ale. Kinda nice.
jocosa: got a dark braggot in secondary
Tressin: yogurt?
BobH: mmmm braggot
TexanBrewer: yogurt. You can spell I can't. =)
Chris_Colby: "Sour on purpose." That's funny. I've judged many beers submitted in the lambic category that were obviously pale ales gone bad. It's not the same thing.
jocosa: 'Ivan's Dark Wrath' uses 1/2 gallon of rainwater captured during the hurricane
Tressin: you added yogurt to ur beer?
BobH: hows it doing
TexanBrewer: Addeded? Whazzup with that? Man, beer and typing go SO WELL together. =)
Chris_Colby: Yogurt has _Lactobaccilus_ (forget the species name) in it. Good for souring stuff.
Tressin: hmm
BobH: have you sampled it locosa
TexanBrewer: Tressin, yes. I reserved two liters of wort and put a big heapin' spoon full of yogert in it.
BobH: jacosa
bigslowrock: What flavor of yogurt did you use?
Tressin: doesn't yogurt have other live stuff in it as well?
bigslowrock: =)
Ted: yes, live bacteria cultures
TexanBrewer: yogurt, even. Gezz. Next should be a tofu beer, no? =)
jocosa: yes bob
Tressin: did you boil the yogurt?
TexanBrewer: bsr, anything that is marked "live".
bigslowrock: I would have gone with blueberry
Tressin: in the wort?
Chris_Colby: I think it's _Lacotbaccilus acidophilus_ mainly,
jocosa: oh, no.. it's living in a 3 gallon corny right now
Tressin: hmm
TexanBrewer: once the 2 L. had become sour enough (about two weeks), I boiled it and added it to 3 gallons of fermented beer.
BobH: I have made lots of dark braggots
Ted: that's right Chris
Tressin: I see, I'll have to try that sometime
Tressin: perhaps...
Beershasta: Too late for a last quick one?
BobH: still have some squirled away ageing
Tressin: well beer I'm kinda tired dude
Tressin: headache and all
jocosa: I'm hoping for the best on this one...
Chris_Colby: quick last one of what? =)
TexanBrewer: next time I'll go with 3 liters. It is not quite sour enough though it adds a nice dryness to the beer.
Beershasta: Has anyone tried to ferment Maple syrup like honey for mead?
BobH: I gots to hide it or I drink them
bigslowrock: I thought topheuing (frugual brewer) did that?
bigslowrock: I think there is a thread in the recipe section
TexanBrewer: dunno
Beershasta: I don't know the difference in Brix of the two but it seems like it could be done.
bigslowrock: freakin noobs never seaching the message board
bigslowrock: =)
Beershasta: Ha1
bigslowrock: http://forums.homebrew.com/index.php?act=S...504&hl=maple&s=
Tressin: ARGH work calls, cya folks
bigslowrock: Who feels stupid now =P
bigslowrock: =)
Ted: let him have it BSR!! lol
Beershasta: BSR, another reason why I hate you.=)
bigslowrock: it's ordering of the post is screwed up from the switch of messageboard software though
TexanBrewer: Chris, I'm going to make a ZELLOTS meeting. I've friends in Austin being a grad from UT.
Beershasta: Suppose ot be an =) on the end.
bigslowrock: sure sure shasta
TexanBrewer: and you need to come to a Foam Rangers meeting (as if beer is not eough of your life already!) =)
Chris_Colby: We'd love to have you, TexanBrewer. Bring some homebrew!
TexanBrewer: sure thing.
ale: Brewers,
Ted: go ale
ale: Time for me to bail...
TexanBrewer: adios, ale
Ted: later ale
Chris_Colby: Thanks for inviting me, ale. I had a blast.
Howie: later ale
BobH: nite ale
Ted: later guys
TexanBrewer: bye, Ted. Whewh. He's fast.
BobH: thanks Chris
ale: ...let's have a last round of applaud for Mr. Colby. A great guest tonight!!!
BeerGod: clap. . .clap. . .clap (accompanied by cheers)
TexanBrewer: <--clapping. Waking up kids. Getting in trouble. Gee, thanks.
bigslowrock: http://www.ncsutailgater.com/index.php?set...=view_photo.php
bigslowrock: Woah thats a long link
TexanBrewer: wow, you link miner, you.
bigslowrock: ok thats the pic showing the tailgater sign on gameday =)
Chris_Colby: Sox are up 4 to 1.
bigslowrock: go cards ! =P
TexanBrewer: f-you. =)
bigslowrock: lol
Oldfart: Thanks for coming!
BeerGod: BTW, anybody use wormwood, know what it tastes like? I heard it is bitter. . .thought it might go well in an IPA? . . .got some absinthe fans as friends. . .
bigslowrock: Chris - you need an article about tailgating and homebrew
bigslowrock: =)
TexanBrewer: Oldfart! Sill spewing CO2?
bigslowrock: there are quite a few homebrewers at CF that bring thier brew to the games
BobH: I got an Oz. of wormwood but havent used it yet
Chris_Colby: Wormwood? Isn't that the stuff in absinthe?
bigslowrock: cf- carter finely - NC state stadium
BeerGod: yep. . .
BobH: yes
TexanBrewer: Bob, have not used wormwood. i'm interested in your experience
BobH: but negligeble unless extracted properly
Chris_Colby: What was CJ saying about Oldfart's CO2? Do you capture it?
bigslowrock: he's trying to capture it
BeerGod: Man, I had such high hopes for the pack, even after the TD on the opening kickoff. . .sheesh--we NEED PHILLIP RIVERS BACK!
bigslowrock: and reuse it to carb the beer
TexanBrewer: wow. He left. I hope I didn't upset him. Hmmm/
BobH: dont some belgiums have wormwood in them
BeerGod: I'm guessing that you soak it in alcohol and add the extract?
bigslowrock: TA's fumble was the end of that game
BeerGod: yeah, he's a horse but damn he does that a LOT
TexanBrewer: is there a Sunday night NFL game tonight?
BeerGod: Nope, World series of Poker on ESPN
TexanBrewer: freakin' baseball
bigslowrock: WSOP is the bestest thing in the world =)
bigslowrock: yeah, they don't try compete with the other WS
BeerGod: I think it SUCKS, WSOP
bigslowrock: I think you suck =)
bigslowrock: so how about that =P
TexanBrewer: so? Maybe I do?
TexanBrewer: =)
BeerGod: World Series of Russian Roulette, now that'd be a good reality show. . . =P
bigslowrock: beergod, you in Raleigh?
BeerGod: Nope, graduated in '99 now I'm in Hickory
BeerGod: 2hours away if you drive fast
TexanBrewer: ok. Good book, good beer, good cigar and the kid are asleep. Very much enjoyed the chat. G'night, folks.
BeerGod: later. . .
Chris_Colby: OK, sports is great . . . but how about music? What do you guys brew to? Me? AC/DC, baby. AC/DC.
bigslowrock: AC/DC huh?
bigslowrock: Hell's Bell's Ale
BeerGod: I never seem to hear the music when I am brewing. . .I don't even bother to turn it on anymore
TexanBrewer: new and hard, baby. G'night.
Chris_Colby: "I'm on the highway to hell."
bigslowrock: lol
bigslowrock: I usually am watching football while brewing
Chris_Colby: Hey Jimvy.
bigslowrock: that or surfing
Jimvy: hey gang
bigslowrock: Hey jim
bigslowrock: sorry about not getting up with you before satuday
Chauvan: You know what I hate about brewin' in the south? It isn't so much the heat, but the damn skeeters. I just went out to check my mash water temps and get bit 4 times. I should call every beer I make, "West Nile ________"
Chris_Colby: If Bell's made it, it woul dbe Bell's Hell Ale.
bigslowrock: I got home at 12:30 on friday
BeerGod: If I do turn it on (feels like I should) I just put my dual 300 changers on random. . .could be Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Ministry, it's a mixed bag
Howie: hey Jimvy
bigslowrock: you go to game beergod?
BeerGod: Are hose faucet adapters readily available at the local Louwsy hardware? male and female?
BeerGod: Nope, I couldn't get tix BSR
Chauvan: Jamie!
Howie: hey Jamie
Eimajz: I am I too late for the chat>
bigslowrock: you should stop by and say hi if you go to either of the last two
bigslowrock: www.ncsutailgater.com
bigslowrock: has a map on it
BeerGod: I will but unless I got scalped tix they were sold out in march!
Jimvy: Hey Howie
Jimvy: Hey Jamie....what's on tap?
Eimajz: Finished off a keg of Vanillla Cream ALe and ESB (Burton's Ale Yeast) lol
BeerGod: what kinda vanilla didja use in the cream ale?
Eimajz: Vanilla bean and extract
bigslowrock: yeah, I know BG =)
BeerGod: I've heard whole beans are the only way to go. . .
bigslowrock: Gatech should be easy to find tickets for
bigslowrock: FSU probably won't be that bad either since it's a Thursday game
Jimvy: how did the bitter turn out? I did a lighter version as an ordinary bitter and it was good
BeerGod: Yeah, I had tix for the game the FIRST time NCSU beat FSU those semenholes, but It was over thanksgiving and I ended up not going. . .way it goes
bigslowrock: I've been to all the FSU wins =)
BeerGod: You traveled to the Tallahassee win?
bigslowrock: yup
BeerGod: NICE!
bigslowrock: I was there last year too
bigslowrock: we almost did it again
Jimvy: BSR, missed you yesterday...I was afraid one of those crazy brewers was gonna try to run off with your grain!
bigslowrock: lol
Eimajz: How was the TRUB?
BeerGod: Because of how well they play against FSU, I thought they had a good chance yesterday
Jimvy: good
bigslowrock: yeah, work didn't help me out too much this weekend
Jimvy: I love the raffle....got a $25 gift certificate to HBA, 3 pint glasses and 4 shirts =D
Chris_Colby: *meow*
bigslowrock: I got home after midnight on Friday
bigslowrock: colby - stop drinking!
BeerGod: did I hear a kitty =D
Chris_Colby: hehe. Those sounds saly me!
Howie: Jimvy, Gary said you were a big winner
Chris_Colby: slay me, that is
Jimvy: yeah, I would agree Howie
bigslowrock: no you meant sally and you know it
BeerGod: hahahaha
Chris_Colby: *belch*
Jimvy: He said they were trying to figure out how to keep me from Palmetto
Chris_Colby: That's my favortie.
Howie: what was Best of Show?
bigslowrock: Sally is your favorite?
Jimvy: an IPA by Jim Brewer won BOS
BeerGod: I'm OUT of BEER, went through 20+ gallons last weekend and now I'm bummed. . .
Chris_Colby: Mustang Sally?
Howie: Jimvy, how many ribbons did you actually take home?
Jimvy: You're gonna make me blush
Jimvy: 13 in all....7 1st, 4 2nd and 2 3rd
Eimajz: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/wow.gif) :? =) lol =P
Howie: Hell, Jim, if you did that well, people need to know
Eimajz: Dizzam.. Congrats
BeerGod: man jim ,that's a lot of beers you gave away. . .
Jimvy: would have done a bit better if I wasn't competing against myself in a couple categories =)
Chris_Colby: Rock the Casbah, Jimvy. Way to go.
Howie: yeah, congratulations. You are indeed the man
Jimvy: thanks
Jimvy: brewing so many styles is really a huge amount of work.....I'm glad there's only 1 comp left this year, I need some rest
Howie: how many did you enter?
Eimajz: :? wonder where that is gonna be??
Jimvy: a buttload
Howie: I like the phrase "would have done better". How much better could you have done. 13 ribbons has to be a freakin record
Eimajz: Howie.. you should make it down.. we'll tear the town apart
Eimajz: Makes you wonder how many beers he entered lol
Jimvy: I was really hoping the brewboard APA would take a ribbon, but it didn't....really weird, because I had 3 available and thought that one would score the best
Chris_Colby: The beer you have ther highest hopes for never score the best; it's always some beer you thought about not entering.
Jimvy: Casey won 11 last year at Palmetto....I still remember being so freaked out about it
Howie: Jamie, I've got something else going that weekend.
Howie: so, can't make it
Chris_Colby: Sox are now up 6 to 1.
Jimvy: damn those Sox
Eimajz: Yea.. thanks.. good to be a SOX
BeerGod: yep, The Babe must be busy haunting someplace else right now, or setting up another '86-style meltdown =)
daper: Does anyone here make light lagers and if so what are your favorite hops for them.
bigslowrock: Light lagers have hops?
Howie: I would say that you should use something of a more noble variety. Saaz, Hallertauer, Tettanger
daper: I use tettanger most of the time
Jimvy: Yep, I agree with Howie....depends on what style you're trying to hit
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