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> Chat with return guest David Gonzalez, Brewmaster for Charlotte's Rock Bottom
post Jun 28 2005, 02:48 PM
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[quote]David Gonzalez, Brewmaster for Charlotte's Rock Bottom Brewpub, will be this weeks return guest. Dave will be available to try to address any brewing related topics that we can throw at him.[/quote]

dgonzalez: hey ale, how are you feeling today?
ale: dandy. hey all.
twocents: had the beer comp yesterday at my club
twocents: I didn't have anything entered
dgonzalez: how'd you like that car bomb
twocents: what car bomb?
twocents: which one?
dgonzalez: ale? sorry
twocents: what car bomb?
ale: You two decided to start without me. Dave, meet 2cents - 2 cents, meet Dave.
twocents: hiya dave
dgonzalez: nice to meet yo
dgonzalez: you sorry
twocents: ale, dave came in only seconds after me
twocents: and you were only a few seconds after that
twocents: y'all showed up at the same time
dgonzalez: 2 cent. how was your comp?
twocents: I have a tendency to say 'hi'... comes from the newsforum
twocents: nice..
ale: Great minds think alike.
twocents: I still am wondering what I was supposed to do...
twocents: they told me I had volunteered for the food competition and I don't remember doing that at all
ale: For a comp?
twocents: yes
twocents: food made with beer
twocents: that came after the main competitions
twocents: it was nice, the connecticut hop dogs came down
twocents: and the hudson brewers came around again
dgonzalez: where was the comp?
twocents: St James NY
ale: The important thing for a comp.--Don't worry.
twocents: although we had advertized in several other venues
dgonzalez: no way! i'm originally from northport!
twocents: I think ale street news..
twocents: well, another cow harbor resident
twocents: spend most of my time here
twocents: over in fort salonga
twocents: where are you now?
twocents: I try not to worry for comps ale..
twocents: I just don't enter many...
dgonzalez: i was just up there a few weeks ago. i'm drinking a bottle of southampton double white as we write
ale: Good
twocents: nice..
dgonzalez: charlotte, nc
twocents: ok..
twocents: not far really
dgonzalez: i grew up off of sandy hollow rd
twocents: isn't that over towards centerport a tad?
dgonzalez: sort of
twocents: maybe run next to the cemetary?
dgonzalez: exactly!
twocents: yep
twocents: runs next to that historic house whose name always escapes me..
twocents: ok.. gotcha =)
dgonzalez: i grew up on milmohr ct
ale: So, You two grew up close together?
twocents: a few miles
twocents: I live near the va hospital
dgonzalez: cool!
twocents: off middleville road
twocents: you graduate northport high then?
dgonzalez: yup
twocents: what year?
dgonzalez: 91. you?
twocents: oh man
twocents: 71
twocents: =)
twocents: and I graduated a year early
dgonzalez: while i was back, i stopped in to see a teacher who is retiring who i did my student-teaching with
twocents: nice..
ale: Dave, 2 cents is starting to remind me of Julie.
dgonzalez: lol
twocents: I am?
twocents: hiya bcockle
twocents: hmmm, is that good or bad??
bcockle: hello all
dgonzalez: ale, i'm assuming you guys got home ok last night
ale: yes. thanks.
twocents: sounds like you had some sort of shindig down there
ale: 2 cents - Julie is my lady friend.
dgonzalez: we had a little get together of carolina brewmasters at Rock Bottom
twocents: oook. ale, my memory is not that good
twocents: sorry
twocents: <making noteof it>
twocents: hiya m12
ale: Bcockle, I don't recall your screen name. New?
M12: Hey 2C.
twocents: and if I forgot being responsible for a food competition, that is major memory lapse th type which I don't normally have
bcockle: no, been lurking for a while now...
twocents: sounds nice dgonzalez
ale: Cool. Dave Gonzalez is tonight's guest...
twocents: lovely...
twocents: I wouldn't suppose you'd be familiar with B.E.E.R. dg?
ale: ...Brewmaster for Charlotte's Rock Bottom Brewery...
twocents: now I have to get down there
twocents: watch out ale
ale: ?
dgonzalez: actuualy, no i don't know too much. i was getting into brewing as i left NY. though, i do know Alan from karps
dgonzalez: yes ale
twocents: I'm gonna be down there someday ale, run for cover
twocents: bingo
twocents: karps hardware and homebrew
twocents: he's still there
twocents: hiya spectre
ale: twocents - bring it on.
twocents: <eg>
Spectre: Howdy 2c
twocents: somehow ale, I think you'd be a match
dgonzalez: ale, do you have a question? and, no i haven't started your book yet!
twocents: I'm gonna enjoy this.
twocents: maybe in my next life I'll come back as a brewer
dgonzalez: ale, and don't vring up "medicinal"
dgonzalez: bring
ale: No question. Just wondering what twocentc was getting at.
ale: lol
dgonzalez: well, it's after 8pm. do we want to get started, or keep chatting?
twocents: I just now have a good reason to go down there... look over the brewery
twocents: as well as seeing everyone else
twocents: hiya blizz
twocents: competitions, perhaps
twocents: hiya ineeda
Blizzbrews: evenin
ineedacatscan: hey guys
dgonzalez: to get back to karps....i did my first homebrewing stuff with them
twocents: how you doing?
ale: It IS now after 8:00. Any questions for Mr. Gonzalaz?
twocents: ok..<silent now>
ineedacatscan: can't complain trying to explain the intricacies of a PC to users who can't program a VCR
twocents: <snicker>
bcockle: ?
dgonzalez: yes bcockle
bcockle: Are the regulatory requirements of brewing commercially as burdensome as they sound?
dgonzalez: yes, and no.
twocents: hiya whynot
dgonzalez: yes, that w eare regulated on a federal level, and in NC, a state level, as well as health boards in charlotte
dgonzalez: no, 'cause we still can do so many different types of things, as long as they fall within the regualtions
dgonzalez: there's A LOT of paperwork. done
bcockle: thanks. that was my impression.
dgonzalez: example:[/color] i had a guy from the TTB (old ATF) walk in about a year ago and go through everything of mine. fermemtation logs, brewsheet logs, purchases, took samples of beer for analysis. though, it went very smoothly, and the guy was really cool
dgonzalez: it's just weird seeing someone show up at your door with a gun and a badge
ineedacatscan: haha
twocents: shiya bob
ale: Dave, a little history on your brewing career? What got you started?
Spectre: ?
dgonzalez: i did an "appreticeship" at the old james bay b.c. in port jefferson ny, then went to siebel, then moved to maine and worked for Rocky Bay BC and Belfast Bay BC for about a year, then moved to charlotte and have been here for anout 6 years
dgonzalez: yes Spec
Spectre: Are there any ingredients that in particular that you would like to use that are banned for one reason or another?
dgonzalez: what do you mean? what "banned" ingrediants?
twocents: mary jane belgian
dgonzalez: no, i'm pretty happy with what i use
Blizzbrews: ?
dgonzalez: yes Blizz
ineedacatscan: ?
Spectre: Anything that on the federal level that is not approved.
dgonzalez: (i think i'm taking over ale's job by asking for questions. say so, if true ale)
dgonzalez: spec, no. everything we use isok.
Blizzbrews: From time to time many of us have a batch of beer that doesn't turn out the way we want, for whatever reason. How do you handle that at the brewpub level? Dump it? Sell it?
ale: =) I'll prompt the questions.
dgonzalez: (thanks ale)
dgonzalez: blizz:[/color] yeah, that happens. though, on my level, it's more that the parameters might noe meet. for ex, the OG might be a tength off. the average consumer isn't going to to notice it.
ale: ?
Blizzbrews: much better quality control and consistency .......
dgonzalez: i hate to waste beer, so i'm going to do everything in my power not to dump it. though, it happens to everyone. i, recentlt, got a bad batch of hops that forced my to dump 300 gal of IPA that sucked!
twocents: ewwww
ineedacatscan: my condolences
Blizzbrews: thats gotta hurt
dgonzalez: our QA and QC is amazing. monthly i send samples to the lab for OG, AE, BU, etc. quarterly for that plus microbiological, and weekly i do micro. it's pretty rigerous
dgonzalez: done
Blizzbrews: thanks!
ale: Spectre, can you be more specific on these ingredients?
twocents: ?
Spectre: Not without implicating myself, but hang tight, I have another question coming up.
ale: K- Go Catscan
ineedacatscan: any new brews on the horizon.......that you're allowed to mention?
dgonzalez: that's a great question.
phalanxausage: ?
dgonzalez: i just tapped out hefe, which will last all summer. and, we got got approval from our new corporate boss, that we cna come up with new recipes if we'd like. though, we'd have to go through the right channels to get them approved.
Spectre: ?
dgonzalez: unfortunatley. NC has a 6% limit, so i'm limited. though, the law will hopefully change soon, and that'll open new avenues
dgonzalez: our store in buckhead atlanta just brewed a blonde-bock (7%). so, that recipe is out there for when the law changes
dgonzalez: done
ale: Go 2-Cents
twocents: Since you had to dump a brew, can you dump it down the drain? Or does that violate some sort of EPA reg? <I hate the EPA>
twocents: hi lord
lord1234: so do yall miss me yet?
twocents: didn't throw anything at ya
lord1234: godsmaq picked up all my brew stuff yesterday morning
lord1234: my house is SOOOO empty
lord1234: hahaha
dgonzalez: i just dumped it. i really don't know what violation that would break. when i brewery closes it's doors, for example, the ATF stands there and watches all the beer go down the drain. a number of years ago, there was a piece in the NY Times when Zip City sh
dgonzalez: shut down. there wa sa pic of the feds watching the brewer pour the beer
dgonzalez: done. next q
ale: Go Phalan....
twocents: hiya mindflux
Mindflux: heya 2c
Mindflux: just popped in to ask why i'm sitting on brewboard with my thumb up my butt, since all my posts apprently need moderator attention before they get posted.
ale: Go Spectre
Mindflux: guess i should have used "?"
Spectre: Do you try to brew beers that will help you out commercially (not saying that's bad) or do you strictly brew beers that you know are the best you can do regardless of what the masses think?
phalanxausage: My question is related to Catscan's. Should the 6% cap be lifted, can we look forward to a barleywine, dopplebock or similar brew being available?
ale: Sorry Phalan...
phalanxausage: 'sallright. baby needed some attention for a moment
dgonzalez: spec:[/color] our guests pay our bills, so i'm going to brew what sells. i know an IPA will sell well, i know a pale ale doesn't sell well in my market. THOUGH, we brew our beers strictly accoringto style guidelines
ale: Dave, Phalan's question first.
dgonzalez: sorry, now to phalans
Spectre: Sorry, I was a little too quick.
phalanxausage: & I was too slow. we found a balance
ale: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/biggrin.gif)
dgonzalez: yeah, we would defiantely push it up. like i said earlier, probably some sort of a bock, to get our feet wet, then move from there. though, i highly doubt we'd ever do a barley wine, it wouldn't sell well, or fastly enough
dgonzalez: in a commerical brewery, you want to brew what will sell.
Spectre: ?
dgonzalez: done
ale: Go Spectre
Spectre: When you say style guidelines, can you give us some info on what your guidelines are?
phalanxausage: wishful thinking. I figured since storage is at a premium, Barleywine would be out of the question
Mindflux: i guess nobody knows either...
dgonzalez: we use info from the IBS (institute of brewing studies). just like homebrewers have the BJCP with guidleines for comps and such, we do too. just like the GABF
twocents: hiiiii aeneas
Spectre: Ok thanks
ale: ?
dgonzalez: phal. yeah, storage and tank space is key. i'd have to ask, where can i store this beer for a while, do i have the space, how would i tap it (all of out taps come from 10-12bbl serving vessels)
phalanxausage: well, I have some basement space you can use (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/biggrin.gif)
dgonzalez: in my situation, it's very unlikely
dgonzalez: (LOL)
ale: How many generations can you expect out of your house yeast?...
dgonzalez: good q ale.
dgonzalez: we have 2 house yeasts that we use. typically, we want to go about 8-10. someitmes less, sometimes more. unfortunately, i don't have a scope so i cna't keep checking it for viability and cell counts
twocents: hehe
ineedacatscan: ?
dgonzalez: done
dgonzalez: btw- everyone, i'm a horrible speller, so please be patiant
ale: ...What are your proceedures?
dgonzalez: patient
dgonzalez: what to do you mean ale?
twocents: don't worry about that please
dgonzalez: on yeast handling?
ale: Your proceedure for harvesting yeasy?
dgonzalez: ok.
Spectre: ?
ale: yeast
dgonzalez: after i "chill" the beer, i pull off what i need. whatever i don't need goes down the drain. i then store it on ice until needed. typically, it's within 3-4 days. no more than 7-8 days
dgonzalez: i have uni-tanks, the yeast will fall to the bottom of the FV.
dgonzalez: done
ale: Go Catscan
ineedacatscan: do you use custom strains or just standard off-the-shelf yeast strains.
dgonzalez: we use strains that are found commercially
dgonzalez: doen
dgonzalez: though, we get them in larger amounts
ineedacatscan: naturally
ineedacatscan: thankks
dgonzalez: lol
ale: Go Spectre
Spectre: Is the temp of the harvested yeast that prevents it from going more that 6 generations, or is it the quality/sanitation of the harvest? I've harvested yeast for 3 months after the fact with excellent results. (Always with a big starter)
dgonzalez: the temp really isn't a factor as long as it's kept as cold as possible without freezing. it's more of, as the more you use it, the more morphs can happen, more dead cells. so, why play around withit, if i can get more
timtastic: Hello all...
twocents: hello tim
timtastic: I have a questions about an Ale....
ale: Use the "?" protocol
dgonzalez: depending on the yeast strain, 3 months is a long time- though, i'm thinking commercially, not on your level.
dgonzalez: ale would know better about than me on that level
dgonzalez: doen
Spectre: Seems to work for me so far.
timtastic: I bought a Party Pig and I filled them up, pressurized them and I have refridgerated the beer for just over 48 hours...howerver, the beer doesn't seem to be very well carbonated....any thoughts??
dgonzalez: cool
Spectre: But I keep the yeast at around 33-35F.
dgonzalez: yeah, i do. where did you fill it from? was it counter pressure filled?
ale: side note..I've gone up to 12 generations while homebrewing - only 8 commercially.
twocents: ?
timtastic: I filled the party pigs from the secondary ferminter (carboy)....
Spectre: 12 definatly seems doable. I'm up to 8 with a WLP001 and it's seems strong.
ineedacatscan: tim give it s good week or two to fully carb
dgonzalez: we fill growlers out fo our bar. the beer is only going to stay carbed for a few days. with counter-pressure fillers, it would stay a lot longer. i was a bottler at a brewery. on a side note, i hate party pigs, but i dealt with them all day long
ale: timtasic, this beer needs to be primed.
dgonzalez: i agree with ale and catscan
timtastic: so do I just let it sit then??
timtastic: Dgonalez....why did you hate them so much?
dgonzalez: the beer needs to be primed so the sugars can eat for fermentables and prodce CO2 to carb the beer.
ale: Yes. Room temp. for 10 to14 days.
timtastic: so I need to take it out of the fridge?
ineedacatscan: yep
timtastic: and put it where I usually keep my beer
dgonzalez: 'cause they're a pain in the %$^ to take apart, clean, and put back together- all the time. remember, i worked for a commercial brewery as a bottler. that's all i did.
ale: Yes. If you chill your beer the yeast will go dormant.
timtastic: so I can prime the beer by keeping it at room temperature?
dgonzalez: yes
ineedacatscan: don't worry though it'll wake right back up.....yes...did you add the sugar to the beer when you put it in the pig
ale: You neen to add a measured dose of sugar for the yeast.
timtastic: Yes, I added the sugar...about 1/3 - 1/4 cup to each pig....so if I take it out now, the yeast should be ok?
phalanxausage: yup
ale: Yes, should be.
dgonzalez: any more q's
ineedacatscan: can i have a job?
ale: Go twocents
dgonzalez: lol- i iwh i could hire an assistant, but i am not allowed. sorry
dgonzalez: wish
ineedacatscan: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/sad.gif) thanks anyways
twocents: one gets new strains from mutations. at one point do mutated yeast make for a good brew? that one has a brand new strain of yeast to introduce to the brewing world?
ale: tough question!!!
timtastic: thanks for the help ya'll...I just took them out of the fridge and put them in the closet....hopefully they will be ready to go for a party next Saturday night
twocents: good luck tim
dgonzalez: that's a question for a yeast guy. i don't know how they come up with new strains. mutated yeats can definately make great beer. from my perspective, i wouldn;t want that, form yours, maybe
timtastic: I understand your frusteration dgonzalez....so far them are working out well though, with limited space
twocents: thanks... most likely deviation from style would be problem
dgonzalez: i've taken classes on yeast, and the little buggers still boggle my mind. done
ale: ?
dgonzalez: yes ale
Spectre: I'll send you mine if you send me yours (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/biggrin.gif)
twocents: they are a miracle... yeast
ale: Dave, In your brewery, how do YOU determine when your yeast is done?
dgonzalez: me, or by procedure
dgonzalez: procedure is 8-10 times. me, when i have time in my schedule to order more yeast, but it's never more than 11-12 times
ale: flavor? attenuation?
dgonzalez: i'm really not affected by flavor, thank gd, but attenuation does play a factor. though, hte strains we use are very good
Spectre: ?
dgonzalez: though, our hefe yeast, flavor and attenuation is totally key. we only do 4 times with this yeast. done
dgonzalez: 4 times is pushing it too
ale: Go Spectre
Spectre: What is the single most ingredient (in order) that in your opinion affects flavor? Grain, yeast, hops, or what?
ale: ?
dgonzalez: i feel they all are key. water is very important. though, if i had to pick, i think it would be yeast. those guys are so tempermental that so many things can affect them.
dgonzalez: as for a recipe...either hops or malt depending on the style that you're trying to brew. done
ale: Dave, Do you ever wash your yeast?
Spectre: Thanks, I was thinking the same. Yeast has such a strong dominance on the final finish.
dgonzalez: like with dove? no just kidding. no, we don;t do an acid wash with our yeast. we don;t have a need to, nor do i have the equipment.
ineedacatscan: ?
ale: What's your pesonal view on washing?
dgonzalez: i konw plenty of brewers who do, and have great success. as long as i have a budget for yeast, i'm going to use it and spend the money to get new. done
ale: Go Catscan.
ineedacatscan: does a used batch of yeast get reused in only it's original beer type....or do you cross styles when reusing....does that make sense?
dgonzalez: i don't know. to be honest, i don't know too much about it. i;ve taken classes on ti, but in the 4 bc's i've worked for, never done it. i guess out of sight, out of mind.
ineedacatscan: fair enough
dgonzalez: good q cat.
ineedacatscan: thanks
dgonzalez: we have a house ale nad a house lager strains.
dgonzalez: we will use the ale for whatever ales we do, and the lager for the same.
dgonzalez: meaning:[/color] lager yeast, for different types oif lagers
phalanxausage: ?
dgonzalez: doen
dgonzalez: done. sorry
ale: Go Phalanx
Spectre: ?
phalanxausage: do you vary the fermentation for the house yeast according to the beer being brewed or does the yeast determine the temperature?
dgonzalez: good q
phalanxausage: ie, does the same yeast get used at different temperatures depending on how estery you want the final product?
dgonzalez: sometimes we vary the temps. though, the starins that we use are highly versitile.
dgonzalez: yeah, it does. my amswer above will suffice this q too.
dgonzalez: typically we ferment at the ame temps for most of our ales, and the same goes for the lagers (though, the ales and lagers are at differtent temps)
dgonzalez: same
phalanxausage: ok. I was wondering if that was a factor in using the same strain for a dry stout, a brown & an IPA
dgonzalez: no, it's not. we use the same strain for all 3 styles.
ale: end?
dgonzalez: first off, you don't want to keep too ,many starins going at once in the same place. too much possibility for cross-breeding. right now, i have 3, and i think that too much.
dgonzalez: no. hold on ale
ale: k-
dgonzalez: secondly, on a commercial scale, that would be too costly. done
ale: Go Spectre
Spectre: What's the highest abv you've gotten out of your house yeast? (lame question, but I'd like to know)
dgonzalez: like i said earlier, we have a 6% limit in NC, so 6%
Spectre: Come on, no experiments?
dgonzalez: though, when the law passes, we'll probably push that.
Spectre: Ok then
dgonzalez: no, no experiments. we, at RB, are very corporate. i'm not going to chance us getting in trouble. a brewery without a licence is not a good one.
Spectre: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/wink.gif)
dgonzalez: tog et back to the yeast thing, we if wanted to push it, we'd pitch a crap load in, and never use it again (to do a higher gravity beer)
dgonzalez: done
dgonzalez: any more q's
ale: When the cap in NC is lifted, and Dave is granted some creative freedom. Duvel will be quaking in thier boots!!!
Spectre: lol
dgonzalez: thanks ale
phalanxausage: Yeah, those bastards at Moortgaadt need to be taken down a peg!
twocents: hey ale, thanks for all
twocents: hahahahhaha
Spectre: Thanks Dave, Thanks Ale
dgonzalez: any more q's?
twocents: thanks dave for coming tonight
phalanxausage: thanks!
ale: It's after 9:00 and Dave's off the hook. Anything else for Dave???
dgonzalez: i have a couple more minutes before i gotta get going
twocents: come back again soon?
dgonzalez: 2 cent. it's good to talk to someone from the same hometown! have a publickhouse beer for me. was only able to bring back a coupe of beers
twocents: did you get it from a store or did you get out to southampton?
dgonzalez: yeah, i definately will. ale's a close friend. i'm always up for this.
twocents: you can get some of their brews now
twocents: at some berverage stores
twocents: did you get to the blue point brewery at all?
dgonzalez: i got it from a beer place off of NY ave in huntington village. shoreline?
twocents: and thanks dg
twocents: yes, shoreline
ale: Dave, thank You again for joining in and being a great, informative guest
twocents: I've been there, but usually go to ronkonkoma beverage
dgonzalez: i've been to the publickhouse a bunch of times and love phil's beers
dgonzalez: yeah, i've been to blue point before. they have good products
twocents: I want to get out there.. been trying to talk mom into going out there but she is really getting old..
twocents: yes they do
dgonzalez: thatnks ale.
twocents: our club divides the meet times between John Harvards and The Brickhouse
ale: No - Thank You.
dgonzalez: many moons ago, i worked at Blue Bell in greenlawn.
twocents: oh? .. I don't think I ever was there
dgonzalez: ale, ps- i'll read the book sooner or later, though if you'd like it back whenever, just let me know. it's sitting right nect to me.
ale: No hurry
dgonzalez: 2 cent. it's right across from the train station, next to where the old post office used to be. gate st? maybe
dgonzalez: there selection is ok, but then again, i worked there for 3 years
twocents: it is odd. there are a lot of towns I do not spend much time in... but the train station would be easy enuf to find..
twocents: I want to try and get to canterbury ales some time
ineedacatscan: thanks for coming out Hope to catch you next time around
dgonzalez: john harvards has good beers, and i ahven;t been to the brickhouse since norman left
dgonzalez: i think it's gates st. it's on the other side of the trax from the station building
twocents: I'll have to have a look next time I'm going down pulaski road
twocents: harvards inspired me to try a milk stout
dgonzalez: i was just there a few eeks ago. i picked up a 12pk of molson xxx (you can't get it here)
twocents: <sigh>
twocents: hopefully they will develop some sanity down there
ale: (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/biggrin.gif)
ale: Hopefully.
dgonzalez: ale, btw- we still haven't had your cyser yet. we were going to this evening, but opted for a double white from southampton publickhouse. sorry
dgonzalez: we will though, very soon. maybe tomorrow
phalanxausage: I've heard good things about the Harvards chain. I understand they make a fine mild. That will always win points with me.
twocents: it is nice that the harvards isn't too far from me...
twocents: of course, since I drove truck, I regard distances in a new light..
ale: Cool. No rush. It will probably outlive all of us.
dgonzalez: i've been to a few of the harvards, and have been impressed with them. i was going to try to get to the ont on LI when i was up a few weeks ago, but couldn't make it, opted to go to a commercial meadery.
twocents: the one near macarther airport..
dgonzalez: yeah. it was pretty good. i brought back a few bottles, and samples a bunch when i was there. the guy was a really nice guy
dgonzalez: i've recemtly gotten into mead- since being involved with the club here
twocents: mead is nice... I have one in a fermenter.. been there for year and a half.
twocents: I want to go down there
dgonzalez: there's a member of this club, that, in my opinion, is a mead expert
twocents: yes?
dgonzalez: he makes amazing products, ale will vouch
ale: That would be Mr. Martin.
twocents: hiya borny
Ted: hey borny
borny: hey all
ale: Yes. Defineately a Mead Expert.
dgonzalez: well, unfortunatlet, i have to jet. i have a kid to put to sleep, and mondays are hell days for me. usually there between 5-7am and there until 6pm. this has been very enjoyable. anytime who folks ever want me back, but a bug in ale's ear. i'll definately
twocents: ouch
twocents: have a good evening and good luck tomorrow dg
twocents: hang in there
ale: Dave, Thanks again for mcoming on board.
Ted: later Dave
dgonzalez: ...do it. i think i'm the first 3 time guest. also, my email addy at work is dgonzalez@gbrestaurants if you ever have any q's for me, or if your ever ib charlotte, stop by Rock Bottom.
ale: ...Later.
twocents: definately will
dgonzalez: .com
twocents: I want to get down there
dgonzalez: 2 cent. if you ever make it down, bring some good Long Island beer. by all!
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