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> Chat Transcripts - Guest: David Logsdon, Owner & Lab mgr of WYeast (11/23/03)
post Nov 24 2003, 07:44 PM
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Sun Nov 23 20:22:55 2003 adavis greetings
Sun Nov 23 20:23:20 2003 David_Chase Thanks for coming tonight, David.
Sun Nov 23 20:23:29 2003 David_Logsdon glad to finally be here ...end
Sun Nov 23 20:23:32 2003 ale Okay, we're ready to go. please use the '?' protocol.
Sun Nov 23 20:23:46 2003 rich ?
Sun Nov 23 20:23:53 2003 ale go rich
Sun Nov 23 20:24:19 2003 rich you have multiple yeasts for wheat beers... which do you recommend or use personall for a good german hefe?
Sun Nov 23 20:25:59 2003 David_Logsdon Great question. We recently did an experiment with 13 different wheat and belgian strains. The 3068 Weinhenstephen remains a favorite, but the 3463 strain from Hoegaarden was quite nice too...end
Sun Nov 23 20:26:28 2003 rich what about 3056?
Sun Nov 23 20:27:29 2003 ted ?
Sun Nov 23 20:28:37 2003 ale 3056?
Sun Nov 23 20:28:41 2003 David_Logsdon Thar has always been a good strain for those who like a milder profile, since it is blended with an ale yeast. We produce the wheat strain seperate, Id 3638 Barvarian Wheat, I like its, broader profile, slightly less banana esters, more bubble gum...end
Sun Nov 23 20:28:56 2003 ale Go Ted
Sun Nov 23 20:28:58 2003 ted Why is it kept a secret where the yeast originated?
Sun Nov 23 20:29:40 2003 David_Logsdon In many cases, we are asked to protect the sources origin...end
Sun Nov 23 20:30:05 2003 ale ?
Sun Nov 23 20:30:07 2003 ted What would be some of the reasons
Sun Nov 23 20:30:50 2003 David_Logsdon When the brewer feels it is key to their distinct products..end
Sun Nov 23 20:30:59 2003 ted ahh
Sun Nov 23 20:31:14 2003 ale David, In your opinion, what's the significant difference between yeast nutrient and yeast energizer?
Sun Nov 23 20:31:48 2003 rich ?
Sun Nov 23 20:32:23 2003 Walt trip stumble.. crash... hi all
Sun Nov 23 20:32:50 2003 David_Logsdon The formulation, energizer as I understand, is more specific to micronutrinets. Nutrient may contain levels of FAN which is a broader profile...end
Sun Nov 23 20:33:07 2003 ale Go, Rich.
Sun Nov 23 20:33:55 2003 rich I'm a bit foggy on the XL packs... do they need a starter? If not, how long of an incubation time do they require?
Sun Nov 23 20:35:19 2003 Beershasta ?
Sun Nov 23 20:35:29 2003 David_Logsdon Fresh yeast used at moderate gravities don't require a starter, but as they age, a starter is beneficial, 24 hrs out of the fridge is a good rule...end
Sun Nov 23 20:35:37 2003 ale Go, Shasta
Sun Nov 23 20:36:01 2003 ale ?
Sun Nov 23 20:36:08 2003 Beershasta Why aren't all strains offered in the pitchable tube (squeeze style) containers? Or is it a factor of my suppliers not offering them?
Sun Nov 23 20:36:30 2003 Walt ?
Sun Nov 23 20:37:06 2003 David_Logsdon They are offered. You should special order them if they don't stock them. It only takes a couple of days to get them to the shop...end
Sun Nov 23 20:37:32 2003 ale Can you give us a brief rundown on how you store, proegate, and package your yeast?
Sun Nov 23 20:39:47 2003 David_Logsdon Stored on slants, inoculated into fresh media and grown to volumes on a weekly basis. Harvested, stabilized, tested for purity, and pkged. under aseptic conditions...end
Sun Nov 23 20:40:20 2003 ale Go, Walt.
Sun Nov 23 20:40:37 2003 Walt had a strange "citrus flavor" come outta a batch of 1056 this last summer.. heard of this one?
Sun Nov 23 20:42:26 2003 ale ?
Sun Nov 23 20:42:36 2003 David_Logsdon Yes, The strain itself typically has citrusy note, but we did find some that were a little higher, when we ran some tests, higher fermentation temps seemed to increase that characteristic..end
Sun Nov 23 20:43:09 2003 Walt thanks ;>
Sun Nov 23 20:43:51 2003 ale Heard a lot of controversy here. Hoe important is aeration? and at what step? Starter? Wort?
Sun Nov 23 20:43:55 2003 Walt btw.. i fermented that one @ 58 degrees...;>
Sun Nov 23 20:45:15 2003 ale ?
Sun Nov 23 20:46:56 2003 Walt ?
Sun Nov 23 20:47:18 2003 David_Logsdon It is required by yeast to multiply. O2 can allow yeast to produce ergosterol, needed to prepare the cell wall to take up nutrients. The cell can produce about 1% of this sterol if enough O2 is provided at the onset of fermentation. If there is not enough O
Sun Nov 23 20:49:07 2003 David_Logsdon the yeast produce too little of the sterol. As they divide, they give off half to the daughter cell and continue to use some. If you do the math they can only devide about 4 times before they run out of sterol. Then they stop fermenting, and can cause...
Sun Nov 23 20:49:52 2003 David_Logsdon a stuck fermentation at about 1.020 or so. It is very common, especially for home brewer, but even commercial brewers too...end
Sun Nov 23 20:50:05 2003 BryanH ?
Sun Nov 23 20:50:30 2003 ale Shipping...How should this be done???...Especially overseas....Any problems since 09/11???
Sun Nov 23 20:51:50 2003 David_Logsdon We get a few of our packages delayed ,and sometimes opened. But it has not been too bad considering. Our shipments go out Fedex on insulated ice and arrive within 72 hours in most cases...end
Sun Nov 23 20:52:09 2003 ale Go, Walt.
Sun Nov 23 20:52:13 2003 Walt Good info on the 1.020...!!!!.. Just wanted to mention... the 1762 is my Fav high grav Belgian yeast!.. brought that bugger to 12% on many occasions....THANKS David! ..BrewOn
Sun Nov 23 20:52:58 2003 ale Go BryanH
Sun Nov 23 20:53:01 2003 BryanH I know the mfgs and HBS tout "pitchable" yeast, although I use and advocate starters; re starters is there a preference for using the entire starter solution or just the yeast residue in the bottom?
Sun Nov 23 20:53:28 2003 David_Logsdon That strain is liked for it's relatively subtle ester profile for belgian strains, it isn't overwhelming in extra high gravity beers either.
Sun Nov 23 20:53:42 2003 David_Logsdon ...end
Sun Nov 23 20:54:36 2003 JDonovan ?
Sun Nov 23 20:54:45 2003 rich ?
Sun Nov 23 20:54:48 2003 ale Go JDon
Sun Nov 23 20:55:17 2003 David_Logsdon Usually best to use the entire starter when very active during high kerausen. That is why transferring on about 24 hour intervals is good. Decanting and pirching just yeast is sometimes desirable for pilsner fermentations...end
Sun Nov 23 20:55:25 2003 JDonovan At what point does over oxygenation occur and what are the effects?
Sun Nov 23 20:56:33 2003 David_Logsdon Very difficult to do, It just comes out of soln. Co2 pushes out any residual. Oxidation of wort compund at cooled temps is considered minimal...end
Sun Nov 23 20:57:32 2003 ale Go Rich.
Sun Nov 23 20:57:53 2003 JDonovan So you can't really introduce too much oxygen into the wort?
Sun Nov 23 20:57:58 2003 rich how many times can you re-pitch? or how many times would you recommend?
Sun Nov 23 20:59:12 2003 David_Logsdon Not really, O2 is only so solulbe in wort, Repitching 3-4 times is pretty common. ..end
Sun Nov 23 21:01:18 2003 ale ?
Sun Nov 23 21:01:26 2003 JDonovan go ale
Sun Nov 23 21:01:32 2003 Hop ?
Sun Nov 23 21:01:35 2003 JDonovan lol
Sun Nov 23 21:02:04 2003 ale What about some of the Belgian "multi Strains"..;.
Sun Nov 23 21:02:32 2003 ale ...any suggestions on these??...
Sun Nov 23 21:03:31 2003 David_Logsdon You might be referring to the Lambic Blend or the Roselares strain, A nice combination to make a sour brown or a gueuze. Fruit lambics also work well with the blends...end
Sun Nov 23 21:03:52 2003 ale Go Hop.
Sun Nov 23 21:03:57 2003 Hop I think washing yeast is largely a waste of time for homebrewers. What is your opinion? Thank you.
Sun Nov 23 21:04:34 2003 David_Logsdon definitely a waste of time, unless trying to store it and reuse it...end
Sun Nov 23 21:04:44 2003 ale Thank you, Hop. That was going to be my next question.
Sun Nov 23 21:05:06 2003 JDonovan well time to roll gents...David thanks so much for taking the time to joing the chat. Lots of great info!
Sun Nov 23 21:05:13 2003 JDonovan L8r gents
Sun Nov 23 21:05:14 2003 ale ?
Sun Nov 23 21:05:16 2003 Cam L8r
Sun Nov 23 21:05:30 2003 BlueDevil0206 well even in you are gonna reuse it i still think yeast washing is a waste
Sun Nov 23 21:05:52 2003 ale Dry yeast? You're opinion and experience???
Sun Nov 23 21:06:04 2003 David_Logsdon my pleasure, my first time in a chat room, didn't hurt a bit, might have to try it again, Cheers!...end
Sun Nov 23 21:06:06 2003 Beershasta ?
Sun Nov 23 21:06:34 2003 Cam I'll see you all later. Thanks for the great information
Sun Nov 23 21:07:37 2003 David_Logsdon I have a few minutes if there are any other questions...end
Sun Nov 23 21:08:01 2003 Beershasta A recent method that has a lot of fans is "cold pitching". Basicly, it's pitching a starter into a wort when the starter is colder than the wort. I have read of temperature differentials that range from 8-20F. Any opinion?
Sun Nov 23 21:08:22 2003 ale Dry yeast? Have you ever been approached?? At least 1 More ? after.
Sun Nov 23 21:08:51 2003 ted ?
Sun Nov 23 21:09:45 2003 David_Logsdon Cold pitching at ca. 45 F for lagers is a very old practice. Even pitching ales in the low 60's and alloed to start slow is considered a good way to improve the ester profile. Allowing fermentations to rise and finish warm before cooling...end
Sun Nov 23 21:11:00 2003 ale David, not sure which question your last response addressed.
Sun Nov 23 21:11:09 2003 David_Logsdon Have been approached, haven't found one yet that we consistantly like...end
Sun Nov 23 21:11:13 2003 Thomas shasta's question
Sun Nov 23 21:11:52 2003 Hop I think he meant cold yeast...Just taking the yeast slurry out of the fridge and pitching it
Sun Nov 23 21:11:55 2003 David_Logsdon That was regarding beershastas ?...end
Sun Nov 23 21:12:08 2003 ale Thx
Sun Nov 23 21:12:23 2003 ted Is Wyeast Scientific still open? If so, is there online ordering yet? (IMG:style_emoticons/brewboard/smile.gif)
Sun Nov 23 21:12:33 2003 ale Go Ted
Sun Nov 23 21:13:31 2003 David_Logsdon We are handling those orders now and are able to drop ship for shops if there are urgent orders going out direct...end
Sun Nov 23 21:14:03 2003 David_Logsdon No oneline ordering at this time...end
Sun Nov 23 21:14:12 2003 Thomas scientific??
Sun Nov 23 21:14:25 2003 ted Thanks!!
Sun Nov 23 21:15:12 2003 David_Logsdon Wyeast Scientific supplies lab materials etc...end
Sun Nov 23 21:16:45 2003 bigslowrock is someone up for the question?
Sun Nov 23 21:17:26 2003 ale Brewers, for the record, it's now after 9:00 Eastern time and Mr. Logsdon is officially 'off the hook. He's been hammered with questions for an hour....
Sun Nov 23 21:17:54 2003 David_Logsdon Well, now I got to go, no I reallllly got to go. Please send any future questions to brewerschoice@wyeastlab.com, I promise a prompt relpy Cheers! Dave...end
Sun Nov 23 21:17:58 2003 rich thank you Mr Logsdon!
Sun Nov 23 21:18:07 2003 ale This is now an open forum.
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